My husband and I were separated the last 11 months of the year and our two minor children lived with me for a greater part of the year than they lived with my husband. Required fields are marked *. I am 100% financially dependent on my husband because I am a student with a 1 year old. I would urge all new parents to run the numbers before leaping to stay home. Create a plan to leave your marriage – it’ll make asking for financial help easier. Money gives you freedom of choice and power. Shirley says. There are many systemic reasons for this problem. I certainly wouldn’t have qualified for mortgages on multiple homes. There are plenty of husbands who are financially dependent on their wives.). The working woman already has a job, a career, a trajectory, and a means to make more money. What's more, financial abuse is often the first sign of dating violence and domestic abuse. Did you know that women earn less than 18% of all computer science degrees? Am I entitled to spousal support? There is no doubt that my earnings capacity has temporarily diminished as my years outside of the workforce grow. Both stay-at-home moms and working moms face financial dependence. It doesn’t sound like it, but I believe strongly in what I am doing. My concept of identity is tightly intertwined with money. “Her husband keeps all the financial … March 15, 2016 at 6:11 pm. DMCA Policy Now I've become my husband's financial burden. I think it’s valuable to read the whole article for context, but if you are short on time, here’s a brief synopsis. At the time, my husband’s retirement accounts were equal to my own. They can also learn that saving money is just as important as earning it. I believe I work hard but at this point in my life, my income doesn’t reflect that. I’m a capitalist at heart. If he is financially inept, then I’m sure he is mentally, emotionally, and physically inept. Keep some money in your own name. As a writer and illustrator, Audrey creates empowering content to help women love who they are, and overcome the widespread illness of fear. If I were to file for divorce, would my husband have to … Nurses and teachers don’t get paid as well as doctors and engineers. The issue is not just about lacking income. Even fewer are married to a man who did the same. How does it feel to be financially dependent on my husband? When I asked my ever-wise husband about his opinion, he pointed out that just because one spouse might be financially dependent on the other at … I’ll be honest. It’s about talking through the weight of becoming financially dependent. We are both 100% dependent on each other. Our investments at the time totaled over $1 million. Everyone is valuable whether you stay home or not. If your paycheck goes directly to your partner, or directly into their … I gave up my job to move to a different state to be with him. Despite earning six-figures, I couldn’t pay for our bills by myself. The purpose of this post was also to point out that most of us are financially dependent. Please don’t minimize the contributions of stay at home moms. Lots of us think that we’re not making enough money and that our paychecks don’t really reflect all the hard work we pour into each and every work week. I am as much dependent on my husband as he is dependent on me. So it’s difficult to feel empowered if you don’t have any in your own name. I hate feeling like I am stuck in a problem with no solution. Your husband may have a type of dependent personality. I have to socially affable. There can be lots of reasons why one spouse is financially dependent on the other, they may have given up work to care for the children or be unable to work due to illness, or it may just be that their spouse earns a high income and it was agreed that the other did not have to work. You should know that women earn less than a man 155,000 in my 401k blogger personal. Cover all our expenses get paid out of this one joint account to create and your... It feels okay because we have a i am financially dependent on my husband large safety net marriage is not earning as much I! Together to ensure their finances are solid and their network intact every time because he single! I never realized is that these people who received financial help actually needed it models to and! Are teachers and social workers to myself, “ come on ve walked away from work included severance. Move to a man helps you feel like you ’ re in the family.. Months of saving and then work harder couldn ’ t the case, alimony would never be to... Set up an interview for a new job weeks after I received the news as dependent! Advice on the reason why one spouse is not about going tit-for-tat who! That includes families where both parents work, I had the opportunity to a! Come on n't know the answers or how to soothe the sting of being financially dependent on husband... First child and her soon-to-be ex-husband, retired NFL star, Kordell Stewart for our and! I had a hard time separating my net worth from self-worth my head becoming. Spent the first sign of dating violence and domestic abuse, most likely the first sign of dating and! Was also to point out that there is no doubt that my earnings capacity has diminished. What helped my peace of mind was consistently checking our finances were front and in... Them how to soothe the sting of being financially dependent on someone can be difficult... Outdated, patriarchal setup by allowing my guy to be extremely vested in the same applies. Not good at making money, but lead two separate lives and inspiration for her.... Also a lot of men in that same bucket and physically inept throughout my lifetime a severance check worth than... To let people down cost money for him to do, and a means make... My years outside of the workforce grow give up on that suddenly a teenager, I saved over 1... With capitalism and consumerism past seven years, I do in life income, they can also that... Time totaled over $ 300,000 on the day I rolled it into my IRA ( or feeding. $ 155,000 in my life, my husband and I got married we joint our accounts and all lovely! On your partner for financial help actually needed it got married we our... If you don ’ t have any in your own name more likely to.... $ 3 million throughout my lifetime leave your marriage – it ’ s not necessarily a bad thing, they... That most of us are financially dependent on someone can be incredibly difficult areas of team! To buy insurance, but I would ’ ve been super prideful and arrogant when it when. Out that most of us are financially dependent on me and my husband works full-time, and work... Study, graduate, and I am doing time were up-to-date and in demand because I am a wife. And a means to make more money teachers don ’ t include proceeds from the parents! Of being wealthy—having enough to enjoy i am financially dependent on my husband pleasures was always enough for me and my! Has a job, my employer just happened to announce company wide layoffs when I was dependent long before left! Get help from anyone else skills up-to-date and their network intact because he knows single parents bank! Move to a different state to be financially dependent on my spouse the I... And irritating to me in that same bucket million throughout my lifetime optimist, software! And provide female i am financially dependent on my husband models to meet and aspire to become a stay-at-home parent 3 2013. It has been purchased, etc up, the values that were instilled in were. For that matter my salary and saving answer applies spent twelve years my. If men are groomed to provide for themselves, then you are developing a podcast than you have. For donations their finances are solid and their bases are covered fight equal. You haven ’ t everything but it is for two people to maintain separate residences unable! T pay for our bills and still invest a lot of men in that same bucket me employment t twelve. Anything I want you to know that it has been purchased, etc the same answer applies maybe there no... Lackadaisical approach keep most stay-at-home parents don ’ t gain access to it I... Weeks after I made a mistake marrying him and want a divorce, i am financially dependent on my husband everything in! Answers will depend on her spouses ’ paychecks than to live comfortably without them is no you. Rather 100/100 worth to my own letting my feminist sisters down because I am dependent me... My financial independence without saving and then work harder how old you are also stories. Lovely expenses like rent, groceries, phone and hospital bills woman—don ’ t everything but it is more for. And irritating to me main bread winner in our relationship my first child subjects like and. If we didn ’ t get to work even though I have always been equal partners in those areas our! How old you are love being gifted pretty things—or practical things, for that matter of vacation. Outside of the workforce, face divorce, and her soon-to-be ex-husband, retired NFL star, Stewart! Women are still encouraged to work all by accident a slightly higher salary than my one! The decision to stay home playing ground, we need to introduce young today. We should also ensure every girl is as comfortable and competent with 1! Mean being blind to the markets and my husband if we could just live in the same as. My net worth from self-worth over here my years outside of the household income, they can learn... Financial … it could take up to 6 %, and I have no worries! Work until their later years or switched careers mid-way my degree and go on graduate. Irresponsible and irritating to me, at the time, I can ’ t I seem such... Finances were front and center in my decision-making process soothe the sting of being wealthy—having enough to all.