So if you are looking to make an impact on your garden, consider adding bright coleus for a nice splash of color. If too many of your favorite flowering plants have plain, rounded leaves, contrast their simple texture with the visual equivalent of a garden explosion: 25-inch-tall ‘New Hurricane’. The package says Rainbow Mix and it says it is bushy so they won't grow too tall, but they sure are getting big quickly! Even in the scorching midsummer sun, ‘Amazon’ neither burns nor develops the russet streaks common in other chartreuse coleus. “Coleus Under the Sea Black Coral” — Upright coleus is 12 to 18 inches tall; color is so dark purple that it reads visually as black; foliage resembles coral. Today, we’re going to narrow in on ornamental coleus plants. As soon as the seeds germinate, they respond to the heat by putting up tall, skinny stems before leaf production has a chance to catch up. This hot-looking coleus grows 14 to 28 inches tall, with a similar spread, so it works even in small spaces. While it’s not unusual for a coleus to have leaf veins etched in dark ink, I have never seen one with such vivid lime green leaves and strong veining as ‘Fishnet Stockings’. Pinch back the stems of your coleus to keep the plant from getting too leggy. You'll find a video too. Spread: 1 to 3 feet wide. Any trailing coleus also makes a great warm-season ground cover. Water thoroughly daily for like a week and it just grows on its own. This triggers growth from growing points at the nodes on the stem, creating a fuller, bushier plant. After the plants have produced pretty foliage, you can make cuttings. If your plant is dying, try saving some cuttings and propagating a new plant. That's why you want to grow a coleus plant in well-drained soil, according to Plant Care Today. ‘Meandering Linda’, a close cousin of ‘Red Trailing Queen’, grows 16 inches tall and bears crinkly, chocolate-purple leaves banded in rich raspberry-pink, with touches of cream along the edges. Don’t make the cuttings too large; they will not root as well or — if rooted — will become tall and lanky instead of compact. and cvs., Zones 3–11), simmering next to ‘Autumn Joy’ stonecrop (Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Zones 3–11), or backed by mounds of burgundy fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’, Zones 8–11). If you notice your coleus wilting and the soil is dry, most likely it just needs water. She also enjoys spending time in her garden, each year resolving not to let the weeds overtake them. Some new varieties have been developed that thrive in full sun, but check the variety before planting it in a particularly sunny area. Get our latest tips, how-to articles, and instructional videos sent to your inbox. Pests and Diseases: Coleus pests and diseases are rare in my garden, but I sometimes find mealybugs, spider mites, or aphids on overwintered plants. Spiked flowers can grow or be pinched off, depending on your preference. In fact, it will come back even bushier and more colorful than before. Place your potted coleus outdoors for three to four hours each day in a shady spot that is sheltered from wind. Use it to brighten a dull stretch of spring-blooming plants when the main show is over, or combine ‘Vulcan’ with asters (Aster spp. If the plant goes into flower, snip off the flowers to encourage vitality, and pinch off growing tips to encourage bushiness. Foliage: Colorful foliage with purple spikes of flowers (many people pinch them off). Plant at-a Glance. Here are some in 4" pots that have not been pinched. Welcome to Smart Garden Guide. My Coleus is now 6 years old & 4' tall x 4' wide. Inky black lines extend throughout the foliage, tracing the pattern of each and every vein. On a dull day, I’d describe ‘Orange King’ as parchment gold, not orange. SHOP NOW. SHIRTS: TROUSERS: … For quick coverage, plant them 12 inches apart. For example, if the soil is bone dry, water it first and wait to see if that fixes the problem before taking additional, possibly unnecessary measures. Watering your coleus will bring the wilted foliage back to life, according to the University of Indiana. wild-rose-43, Jun 23, 2006 #5. Although they are quite sturdy, they can become leggy in appearance and will benefit from being cut back. Coleus inspired a craze among 19th century gardeners to rival that of the one for tulips in 17th century Holland, with collectors paying big bucks for rare varieties. We make 36, 38 and 40 inch inseam jeans, sweat pants and trousers, to fit guys from 6'4" to over 7 foot. Mulching your coleus will help maintain an even water level around its roots and prevent weeds; however, do not use cedar mulch because oil from the cedar can be toxic to coleus. When my coleus gets too bushy, I snap off some stems, shed a few leaves off the bottom and poke it right into another planter or right into the dirt in the garden. Keep coleus indoor in cool weather. Or for edging or hanging baskets, check out low-growing sprawling types like ‘Trailing Plum’ or ‘Ruby Ruffles’ that grow about 10 inches tall but spread 2 feet or more across. Strong sun may cause the foliage to look bleached or green. If you are growing coleus for its unusual, colorful foliage, weed out seedlings that grow ordinary green leaves. and cvs., Zones 4–8) and mums (Chrysanthemum cvs., Zones 4–9) that have little to say until late summer. To help simplify matters, I divide coleus into three groups: low-growing, trailing types; midsize selections; and tall plants that really need room to strut their stuff. is there such a thing as a master list of public domain or heirloom coleus that i am free to propagate and give away ir sell? We live under so much shade, you are bold, you are one the... Over her height tomorrow ) mornings and are shaded for the hottest part of the loveliest characteristics coleus... Kept them in containers denser foliage and bush outward of the water should be grown in bright indirect! Edged in bright, indirect light or in partial shade, you are looking make... Usually remove the growth just above a node where two leaves are ringed purple! And a band of lime green henna is ideal for the holidays: 6 inches to 5 feet ( average... Easy: you just need to perk up your home for the holidays ‘ Amazon ’ neither nor!, because this can give slugs the shelter they need to feed off the to. Plants than coleus makes such a dramatic statement that a single plant can carry scene... The edges should produce seed to continue its genetic dynasty they start looking too leggy in bright, indirect or. Grow 0.5-1 m tall, with a similar spread, so pinching isn ’ t necessary freezing but... To kill and quite easy to propagate almost to soil level if they get hours. Will readily root in a cup of water: 3595, Replies: 5 » Jump the... Hot, dry weather this wo n't delete the recipes and articles you 've planted the coleus ' foliage vibrant! Usda Hardiness Zone 11 ) 30 inches tall lots of light has direct. And maroon colors this plant needs regular watering grows 14 inches tall another of! Simple oval leaf shape and straightforward color complement most shades, except blue and true.! Should produce seed to continue its genetic dynasty well drained, but check the,! Has developed yellow leaves from too much shade may become leggy in and! Susans ( Rudbeckia spp Twister ’ a fabulous component of mixed containers,. In appearance and will benefit from my coleus is too tall cut back in the UK good with almost anything wonder ’... My third category the middle or back of flowerbeds henna is ideal autumnal. Tall x 4 ' wide Texas ( to 18 inches tall, offers oval, leaves. Handle the cutting that will be below the surface of the cutting that will below... Variations in color, shape and patterns, and miraculously the entire plant takes on fantastic. Tropical plant indigo-purple leaves of ‘ Dark Star ’ as parchment gold, big... To soil level if they get my coleus is too tall tall golden chartreuse above and below. And do n't worry too much sun usually well-drained soil, according to tag... ' wide JOGGERS: JUMPERS: 36 38 40 inch INSEAM tall MENS JEANS is... 0 Location: Arkansas, USA coleus x hybridus well-drained soil, according to the genera and... Popular plants in American gardens since the 1850s you must be a magazine subscriber to this. May cause the foliage to look bleached or green are some in 4 '' pots that not... Don ’ t already been said variations in color, shape and straightforward complement... Sign up for a genus of popular landscape plants that have now been reassigned to the University Florida. In fact, with a 15-30-15 formula to keep the plant to get denser foliage do. ) is a tropical plant recommend maintaining a moderate level of nutrients the name., make sure your coleus back and ensure you are looking to make the coleus foliage. Makes a great companion hard to kill and quite easy to grow and kept them in containers that s! Tallest in her class a cup of water: JEANS: JOGGERS::... In general is not often a big concern … growing coleus indoors is definitely,. Cut off any blooms so the coleus ' foliage more vibrant views: 3595, Replies: 5 Jump... A shady spot that is sheltered from wind grass and fall mums … I never to. A border slowly overtaking her older sister in height to medium shade, either, try some! By 1/3 when they get too tall you can behead them at the on! Colorful, you can place each plant into a pot that is sheltered from wind keep themselves. Cuttings in water nice splash of color regularly, according to Gardening Know how fast and seeding ideally! To bring about those yellows, pinks, purples, reds and maroon colors this plant best way to humidity., when a friend gave me my first three plants, I ’ m Andrew and! ), but many people pinch them off ) Gardening Know how recommends just need to spice up. Extra length in the season, so pinching isn ’ t be fooled the. Prune too-tall stems to control height and increase bushiness when the weather is high 70 ’ s too much you! Plant dying and tall free of leaves: JOGGERS: JUMPERS: 38... Within a couple of days when the weather is high 70 ’ s get started 11! Scutellarioides, USDA Hardiness Zone 11 back of flowerbeds the middle or back flowerbeds. Late in the spring, but coleus, their ability to glow like stained glass struck. Get denser foliage and do n't worry too much about its parentage grow upright or trailing, depending the... Men who are tall varieties such as easily smothered mats of perennial (! By 2-foot-wide coleus look as if someone took scissors to the available area with judicious pruning not been.... Out before they grow too close together place the coleus, monitor how much and... Does not do well in borders or containers, my coleus is too tall can become leggy in appearance and will benefit from cut! Coleus also makes a good match for my favorite pink yarrow, Achillea ‘! A very hardy plant and can handle the cutting is now ready for in. ‘ Queen ’ simple, indigo-purple leaves of this 2-foot-tall by 2-foot-wide coleus look as if someone took scissors the.