Home Assistant also supports grouping of entities natively, but sometimes it can be useful to use Hue groups to group light bulbs. But my Hue hub is an old one that has offline processing for some things and my lights are a few years old. I can tell google or Siri to turn them on and they will turn on just one and … Posted by 4 years ago. In French, the message displayed by the App, for the Lights and accessories, is "impossible d'établir le lien". I got this to have some fun over Christmas but this is nothing but frustrating. I’m about the chuck the entire shebang in the Delaware. It has to be something simple. Final Thoughts. For instance, if you have got a few bulbs that are working just fine except the newer additions which aren’t able to work ideally then there is a distance issue. However, you can also use an internet connection if you want to control the smart bulbs from other networks. Check the brand: You can only add Philips Hue bulbs to the Hue app. Copyright 2021 huehomelighting.com | Privacy Policy | Terms & ConditionsAll images and logos are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners. Running Hue 2.1.0. Hue outdoor ‘lily’ just purchased on amazon prime a few weeks ago and installed just before Christmas, one of three fittings suddenly fixed on a green colour and then became unreachable for a few days and now permanently off None of fixes appear to work. I have had these Hue bulbs working for several years and all of a sudden today ONE bulb in a lamp with 4 other bulbs doesn’t respond. It mainly concerns about how is your setup and how much light bulbs you have got. But there are some other issues with the people as well. Guess I’ll irritate myself with that this weekend. Click to Read More. The Hue API allows you to group lights. It took a 20 foot ladder and some professional help to double tape the strip to the very highest point of the great room and now after installing the latest upgrade to my app the light strip is unreachable. Very frustrating to be left with 8 expensive LED bulbs. I’ve tried every fix that I could find but they still don’t work. I’ve tried changing the Hue ZigBee channel, I’ve rebooted the hub multiple times. Some simple steps to follow in this regard are as follows: While changing the channel, make sure that all your lights are turned on and working. It might also happen that the bridge is placed too far away from the light bulbs because of which they are unable to turn on or off. How did you lawsuit pan out? The fix for this is to bring one closer to help bridge the gap in the network, or add in another bulb to help link them together. Different bulbs are dropping their connection and their doesn’t appear to have any pattern. 4. I would blame this on an update maybe as mine have also done the exact same thing.. pay way to much for such unreliability. At first, this seemed to work, but then one by one, my lights became unreachable again, and I was back to square one. I did this on all bulbs and all working over Xmas, then just after new year, they all went again. I tried the following - PTP Homey - PTP Hue bridge There are a lot of new outdoor Hue products that work great with Hue Lights v3.7. In this way, the more bulbs you have, the stronger will be the wireless network. Has anyone gotten a solution to this issue I have the same issues ! How To Connect The Hue Bridge. Therefore in such a case, you need to use Philip’s app to turn … The very first thing we recommend doing if a light is unreachable is to delete the bulb from the room in the Philips Hue App. I then placed Philips Hue Ambiance bulbs at the first location – no connectivity problems. my hue app is frozen on the “Update Available ” Screen. Previously, HA would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return their on state as False. Turn on or off any of your lights when motion is detected. Sometimes your lights are not reachable and you cannot control them anymore from Hue Essentials. In this situation, you can try different channels to see which one is working fine and which is not. Check the wall switches for all your bulbs. Hue lights Unreachable. You can choose whichever you want to enjoy controlling your smart bulbs easily. share. Your Hue light may have been physically switched off (e.g. I’ve already deleted the bulbs and disabled the hue app from alexa and the re-enabled it but still the only devices J can find are the individual bulbs. what damages??? Yes the bridge is connected and all the lights on the bridge are on. Home » Smart Home Guides » Hue Lights Unreachable? I don’t know if one can perform the initial setup of the Philips Hue hub etc. Your bulb will easily reset in this way. It is a hue bulb with a motion detector, Has happened with me also Motion sensor stopped working and a bulb . When connected to a Philips Hue Bridge, the Smart Button will give you different light recipe according to the time of day, when used with White Ambiance and/or White and Color Ambiance lights. Hue Lights Unreachable? I have deleted the app twice and there is now no connection at all between the bridge and the lights. Thinking my lights simply needed a reboot, I deleted all my lights and accessories from the Light Setup screen in the Hue app, and then re-paired them. Come on philips hue, get your act together! These should say Philips Hue on the bulb itself. I might try deleting and re adding. Says all hue lights are unreachable.. but they work.. Kind of annoying.. And my siri has been glitchy. This is not ok! If this ain’t fixable quick, they’re all going back to amazon with a filthy review. I have been having the same problem and the best solution to this issue for me was to go into settings in the app, remove the unreachable light bulb, turn the light switch to the off position, then, turn the light switch back on after a few minutes. The solution was to … It can also be worse if your Wi-Fi router and the bridge are close to each other. This adds a config for Hue lights to allow unreachable lights to still work. Regularly, my Philips Hue lights and accessories do not respond anymore. The problem Now we can use hue: bridges: - host: allow_unreachable: true allow_hue_groups: true again, unreachable lights (as in lights cut off power) are displayed as available, while they in fact are not. The leading cause of this could be as a result of your home wireless network interference. Well, it means that after adding them to the sockets, you can’t turn them on or off because the application is not connecting with them. In addition, it might be possible that one channel can’t work for your lights. In this way, you can easily counter this issue and can make your hue light bulb in the range of bridge and your hue app. Our picks of the third-party Hue apps worth downloading. I have told everybody about the system and proudly shown it to others but now I am desolate and very unhappy about Philips Hue! One is in downstairs and one is upstairs. I can tell you all brands suffer the same issues but in my opinion Hue has the least problems. Let’s take a detailed analysis of how are you going to fix the issues with your hue lights if they are unreachable. Philips Hue Lights Unreachable This was a huge problem that we had in our house. I was very happy to find some bulbs that fit in my alcove where I have some glass shelves. Your home internet WiFi and the Hue bridge that uses Zigbee to create a wireless network both broadcast on 2.4ghz, because of this they could conflict with each other when using the same channel. Light D shows that the Hue app has control of the lights. Sounds to me very common and relatively recent. Your Hue bridge will check the version on each of your lights, as well as its own firmware to … However, if you have a brand new product we have some tips you should test! Once the light bulb was on I added it as I would a new light bulb. Too far away from other Hue bulbs – If you have quite a few Hue bulbs in your home and all are working fine except some new additions then they could be too far from the bridge or other Hue bulbs. If this doesn’t seem to work: 1- Open the Philips Hue app. I try to connect the lightstrips outdoor with my phone and it pop as unreachable. Even with the closed connections and proper working, your bulbs might sometime get unreachable for no reason at all. Makes it impossible to change scenes via Alexa. This does not look that smart and it is the last thing you want! Wifi Interference – Your bulbs may all be close together, all working but sometimes it says unreachable for what seems like no reason at all. It will then either automatically reconnect, or it will allow you to rediscover it. The Bridge’s IP address can also be checked by visiting the Application setting center. Go to settings, c. Tap on light setup. Hue remotes send their commands to the hub, and the hub then instructs the bulbs to take certain actions. This is not part of your home wireless internet network, that is different and separate. Rebooted hub, changed channel, all lights are on with power. First, check the Philips Hue app to see if you have any lights that are listed as Unreachable. I’ve tried all of the tips to no avail. After that, go to Zigbee Channel Change From there. The one way to regain control is to try to discover from the alexa app, it’ll fail every time, so go to the fault finding (after it fails) option which allows you to reset the hue light buld (it’s the one way I can find to get to this reset option). Want to know about them? As I mentioned earlier, I find that being direct and saying “Alexa, bedroom light on” works 100% of the time for me. But, they are simply extremely expensive lightbulbs at this point! Once all that info is deleted, authorize the app on your cell again and you have a fresh beginning again. 1. What the heck! Just move the light bulb closer to the hue bridge so that it can find and connect the bulb. Those were some simple solutions that you can implement to make your lights reachable again. Hue Bridge. Open the Moods tab to set your lights to cycle through certain "moods" (like Christmas or Candle Light) that work independently of any music playing. The common causes may include a damaged bulb or plugging the bulb into the wall dimmer switch. 1. So I tried what you did and it worked! 4- Look for the light you can’t control. (I assume that if I had already deleted the unreachable bulb, it would have found it as a new light.). There is an issue with the Philips Server, so changing your lights via Google Home, Alexa or Siri is effected. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined above (depending on the problem) and your Philips Hue Lights will start working again. Or you can also solve this issue by placing a middle bulb between the bridge and the actual hue bulb. Red circled exclamation mark in the Hue app. If this fails to work: a. Previously, HA would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return their on state as False. The good thing is that they are easily fixable. I have deleted my home in the homekit apllication (click on the home icon at the upper left corner, then scroll down and select delete home). Changing channels did not work. Basically, when you turn on one of the Philips Hue bulbs without using the Philips Hue app or your Amazon Echo, it can cause all kinds of weird connectivity issues. My Hue lights have been working fine for over 2 years. Open the Hue app, select Settings at the bottom, then select Software update. Do they do that if you use the app or a Hue switch? Can not get the hues app to discover the sensor or bulb. both white lights added fine but now won’t turn on either at the wall or via the app – says they are both Unreachable, and removing them from the app and trying to re-add just gets me the ‘having trouble finding your light’ prompt after a search. Hue lights. By doing so, Home Assistant only needs to send one API call to change the state of all the bulbs in those groups instead of one call for every light in the group. When Bulbs Are Not Turing On At The Main? Can I Use Other App To Control Light Bulbs? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Maybe something in the smart home chain is playing up, maybe you want to give your Hue system to an friend – or maybe you just want to start your smart home configuration again from scratch. If it says they are unreachable then look at the fixes above to resolve this. The new bulb finally showed up but was also immediately listed as unreachable. Not the cheapest in fact some of the dearest and sad to see the amount of customers that are having same problems and no response from Phillips hue representative. Same bug with Smartthings too. You should ensure that your phone or tablet that has the Hue app on is connected to the same network that the Hue bridge is on. This might be an issue for you if you have got the new additions of bulbs in your home. I switched through the zigbee channels, same thing happens; they become unreachable when switching between scenes. This is a common issue and can be very frustrating, however there are a few reason this can happen, once you know which reason it could be then you can easily fix it from there. First, you’re going to go to screw in your Hue Bulbs and turn on the light or your wall switch. Very frustrating to have spent so much money on something that hasn’t been working for almost 5 months. The status message in Hue Essentials is: Unreachable It can happen to only one light bulb from some brand but also to your native smart lights from Philips Hue. This is currently the main drawback to purchasing a third-party light for the Philips Hue system. This happens when there is interference in the home wireless network that you have got. Same issue. Unfortunately, there are zero third-party lights compatible with Hue’s Play sync box. I have 21 lightbulbs, and they are all listed in the home app but they are all currently on reachable. Yes absolutely. Philips Hue is still the best smart bulb you can buy, and it's getting cheaper and easier to trick out your home with the smart light. Hue plug/light unavailable, yet working, but not with HA ... Troubleshooting Hue Lightbulb Not Responding - Technipages. Join our Facebook Group & Other Hue Users. Other Things You Need to Know… You can control several Hue Bridges simultaneously. Hey guys hopefully you have been able to resolve thi issues. Or you’ll ask Alexa to turn a light on/off, but Alexa will report back saying it can’t communicate with the light. Home Assistant also supports grouping of entities natively, but sometimes it can be useful to use Hue groups to group light bulbs. But reversed, Lightify products will work with the Hue Bridge 2.0. The app will also work on Zigbee Light Link protocol just like hue bridge and hue bulbs. Mine shows 'unreachable' in Home but Siri and tapping the icon for the 'unreachable' light works anyway. If you do, you’ll want to follow this guide on how to fix Unreachable Philips Hue lights . It reported “no new lights found”, but my light was now reachable. Search for the bulb again, or use it’s unique number on the side of the bulb to add it again manually. How Can I Know The IP Address of Philips Hue Bridge? App will not find any of my six hue lights & customer service is useless in helping to rectify the issue. Hue Philips lights are unreachable. If with the bulb closer to the bridge it still cannot be found then you can add the bulb by manually entering the serial number via the Hue app. All my lights are OK now. Strangely, can intermittently get it to work with an old Halloween app. Have reset bridge, moved lan cable to another port, turned all lights on, ran Alexa discovery, etc…. GE Link bulbs routinely become unreachable from the Hue Bridge. So try and find a particular phrase that works for each room/bulb, and keep using that to control your bulbs. I smell a lawsuit, get this shit fixed philips! Power on your hue bridge and connect it to the Ethernet port of any Deco using an Ethernet cable, then press the Pair button. Then overnight, all lights say “unreachable”. Most of them tend to be related to network issues, dimmer switches, and unreachable hue lights, among others. Whole system completely bricked, despite resetting & reinstalling. To see if this is the case try plugging the bulb into a light that is a close to the bridge as possible, turn it on and see if you can control it from your Hue app. In our experience, Auto Search can be flaky from time to time, while Manual Search almost always works. Regularly, my Philips Hue lights and accessories do not respond anymore. I dont know why. Have you tried switching off your lights without using the Philips Hue app and you find that some lights are not working?

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