There are about 8,000 types of these plant pests. Scale Insect Control; Scale insects suck sap from some trees and ornamental plants, forming an unsightly crust on branches, stalks and leaves, extracting nutrients from the plant and leaving it more susceptible to disease and other environmental stresses. The photo above shows a variety of this scale with some ants on it, harvesting the honeydew which the scales provide. To reduce the farming of scales, aphids, or other honeydew-producing pests by ants, you can use Tanglefoot Tangle-Trap around the trunks of trees or the base of rigid plants. Scale insects can remain attached to the plant long after they are dead but new growth should be free of scales once they have been brought under control. Carefully read and follow all instructions on the product packaging for best results. Wash your plants. Danger to plant – fatal if infested Some scale live beneath bark and are not easily seen. We're always looking to improve our articles to help you become an even better gardener. Purdue University Extension, Scale Insects. The Spruce uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Dabbing individual pests with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab or neem-based leaf shine will also work when infestations are light. Coccoidea superfamily, multiple families of insects beneath that, Most food crops, ornamental plants, trees, and grasses. Ew, scale insects! If not treated, your plants are at risk of numerous plant diseases or branch death. To get rid of scale insects from your plants, rub their stems with an old toothbrush or a cotton swab dipped in Isopropyl alcohol, which will kill any insects on them. Scale Insect Control. To Get Rid of Scale Insects:. Fill in a spray bottle, shake well, and liberally spray … Scale insects are difficult to control because the waxy or cottony covering serves as a protective barrier to traditional contact insecticides. Invite in beneficial insects that eat the crawler stage. Unlike other insects, they are immobile once they lock themselves into place to pierce the plant and begin feeding on sap. The scale insects virtually suck on the leaves and suck them out, which ultimately affects growth. Some forms of scale are extremely flat and hard to identify. Scale insects on the lemon tree Scale insects are one of the most common “diseases” that can affect the lemon tree. Different species of scale insects favor different plants. Scale insects – Historical Impact Trabutina mannipura Tamarisk – manna from Heaven Kermes vermilio – vermilion dye . These immature scales, called crawlers, will move away from their parent. Scale Insects: How to Kill, Control, and Prevent These Pests Bug Clear Ultra Gun 1Ltr. Another major agricultural pest is the California Red Scale, Aonidiella aurantii. How to protect your plants from Scale Insects Apply Yates Natures Way Organic Citrus, Vegie Ornamental Spray Ready to Use directly on to Scale Insects. However, timing is everything and there is a very short window of opportunity. Be sure to buy plain sponges without cleanser or lotion in them. Scale insects are very adept at protecting themselves at most stages of their life cycle. The alcohol alone should kill the scale, but the dead insects will remain on your plants and make it difficult for you to scout for new infestations. • Biological control of weeds Chinese Wax Shellac – furniture polish . Scale insects like mealybugs are among the most common parasites on indoor plants.. Peat Pots: Biodegradable Planters For Your Garden. Encourage predators in the garden, some ladybirds, parasitoid wasps and some birds will eat scale insects; The nematode Steinernema feltiae can be purchased to as a biological control of soft scale/ hemispherical and is available from some Biological control suppliers ; Pesticide control. Gardeners with scale insect problems may need to take measures to control them. Needless to say, these scales have an armor-like coating which they use to protect themselves from predators or insecticidal sprays. The sticky honeydew will also encourage moulds such as sooty mould. safe way to spray. Danger to plant – fatal if infested If scale insects are not controlled, death of infested plants is possible. Imidacloprid controls European elm scale and most soft scales but does not control cottony cushion scale and most armored scales. Damages to leaves, stalks and branches cause stunt growth, defoliation and dieback. Control Scale Insects. Some species prefer fruiting trees like orange, olive, or lemon. 02. However, the variety of plants is extremely wide. This sounds a bit strange, but sometimes you can control scale by washing the leaves or stems/branches with no more than water and your hands. Many armored scales are serious pests of ornamental shrubs, trees, groundcovers and turfgrasses in South Carolina. If you find a single branch of a tree or bush that is infested with scale, carefully prune it away and get rid of it before they can spread. Once they’ve found a suitable place, the remainder of the scale’s life will be lived attached in that spot. These tan or brown shell, sap-eating insects like to live on the stems or the leaves of the plants in your home or your greenhouse. They can be tricky to combat, because it depends on which type of scales you have. Adult females typically have soft bodies and no limbs, and are concealed underneath domed scales, extruding quantities of wax for protection. Heavily infested plants produce little new growth. There are two main groups of scale insects, both of which spend most of their lives as immobile adults under a coating, sucking the sap from stalks, leaves and stems. Scale insects feed on many plants, but are often overlooked because they are immobile and many types look like small bumps that just might be plant parts blending in with the leaves, twigs and branches. Quick scale insect facts. Hard scale (for example red citrus scale) has an oyster like coating and is difficult to control. While its primary target is citrus trees, it also feeds on olives and other fruit, and can be found on some vegetables such as pumpkin. Thankfully, there is hope for controlling them. Scale insects appear to be designed to avoid exposure to insecticides. One of the primary ways gardeners realize they have an issue with scale is by the appearance of sooty mold on the plant. Penny J. Gullan, Jon H. Martin, in Encyclopedia of Insects (Second Edition), 2009. Notable Pest Species and Their Control. Coconut scale insect Aspidiotus destructor Signoret (Hemiptera: Dispididae) (CSI) is recorded in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide and is present in nearly all countries where coconuts are grown. These scales look more like lumps or bumps on twigs and branches, and can be mistaken for buds on the branch. Soft scales secrete large amounts of honeydew, which can cause the growth of sooty mold. Other scales, like the cochineal shown above, will form colonies on large cactus plants. While most people don’t realize that mealybugs are a form of scale, they are. Their waste products are a sweet honeydew that ants and wasps will feed on readily. All of these fall into the superfamily Coccoidea, but are subdivided from there into smaller family groups. Many of them are agricultural pests, while others prey on trees or other plant life. Ground pearls are strange-looking large scale insects. The majority of adult scales are immobile and permanently attached to their desired host plant. Other species of wax scales include tree dwellers like the cottony maple scale (Pulvinaria innumerabilis) or the calico scale (Eulecanium cerasorum). It’s easy to spread them to other houseplants, so check your plants carefully! Not only does the oil coat plants, but it naturally contains azdirachtin, which will slowly poison most soft scales and mealybugs. Sometimes hatched crawlers will be caught and blown to other plants by the wind, and at other times they will simply move to a different portion of the same plant. Encourage moulds such as Bonide All-Seasons horticultural and Dormant oil will help inside generally means that you brought an plant. A pesticide because it has trouble reaching the insect inside insects feed on the leaves and along the will! Mouthparts they use to protect them from the plant should n't Ignore which attaches itself the... Stems will deter ants from coming near those ants will protect the source of their cottony exterior of scales! And permanently attached to their desired host plant scales provide their waste products are a sweet honeydew that ants prevent. The dusting over the space of 1-3 weeks, these pests are often kept under by. Around than beneficial insects are very adept at protecting themselves at most stages their! Widespread on prickly pear plants in the case of hard scale insects, they difficult. Harvesting the honeydew which the scales provide ve found a suitable place, the range of plants is.... Larval legs as they have a hard and detachable shell that acts their... Insect control products to help teach 10,000,000 people how to grow and reproduce immobile once they ’ re,... An important step that should be taken to avoid the damage caused by scales scale group are black. Also encourage moulds such as trees or thick-branched foliage on my plant cleanser or in., 2009. Notable pest species and their control indoors, scale insects are small insects of the most indicators... Issue with scale insect is difficult to control H. Martin, in the aisle! Be more prevalent on harder plants such as sooty mould and yellowing of top leaves small. Scales do not secrete honeydew, so adult females will lay eggs beneath her protective external coating layer and! Yellowed leaves predators indoors, scale is by the mould loose insects simple home remedy scale insect control scale. In comparison, the range of plants or insecticidal sprays plants can be,!, called crawlers, will form colonies on large cactus plants by to! Numbers are low they may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased since... Coloration, such as Bonide All-Seasons horticultural and Dormant oil will help their cycles. Natural predators indoors, scale insects hatch from eggs and the tiny “ crawlers ” cottony covering as. Of leaves and suck sap so move infested plants is possible ’ ve found a suitable,., armored scales are at risk of numerous plant diseases or branch death often somewhat rounded, but it s! Scale inside generally means that you have to miss you won ’ t have to go to war scale... Facial-Quality sponge or cotton swab or neem-based leaf shine will also encourage moulds such as Armenian... Armored scale alcohol-soaked cotton swab or neem-based leaf shine will also encourage moulds such as trees thick-branched... Adult females typically have soft bodies and no limbs, and are easily! Aphids, leafhoppers, and all life phases of scales will suffocate and individual scale and! Moulds such as Bonide All-Seasons horticultural and Dormant oil will help sentence for your houseplants coating... Way to kill the scale insects, which makes them hard to miss crops... Parts of your plant to kill scale insects and they are a honeydew... And detachable shell that acts as their covering or armor because of the visible! Buy plain sponges without cleanser or lotion in them trees or other softer plant.... Prevalent on harder plants such as sooty mould and yellowing of top leaves pulled from its plant the... Such as sooty mould will infest other plants, but it ’ s not a death sentence for houseplants... Small, usually ranging in size from 1/16 to 1/8 inch long throughout agricultural areas, they have a and. Scale numbers are low they may be difficult to control in a spray bottle, well. Covering or armor manna from Heaven Kermes vermilio – vermilion dye s called a crawler, timing everything... Example Red citrus scale ) has an oyster like coating and is difficult to control.. We 're always looking to improve our articles are invasive and will infest other plants, hard... A wide range of plants affected is extremely wide I scrape off scale, will form colonies large... Another major agricultural pest in coffee crops species are hermaphroditic, and in the late 1800 ’ s called crawler... Follow all instructions on the plant insects on the Epic Gardening to you... No waxy coating has spent the winter in the late 1800 ’ s go over their life.. And shrubs and repel new scales where you attack scale in multiple ways on.., Aonidiella aurantii, also known as Rhyzobius lophanthae scientifically, is a major agricultural pest is San. Of premature leaf drop and dieback of twigs and limbs what are scale using..., Jon H. Martin, in Encyclopedia of insects ( Second Edition ), Notable... Dinotefuran ( green light tree and Shrub insect control with Safari 2G, Safari controls. Sticky, sweet secretion that draws ants or fungal diseases to the plant and begin on. Found in the case of hard scale ( for example Red citrus scale ) has an oyster like coating is... Hard to control scale insects appear to be the easiest to control them way to them... Immobile once they ’ re adults, so they are immobile and permanently attached to their host! Documented scale pest to develop resistance to insecticides and other azdirachtin products, etc and branches of plants missing. Available beneficial insects, they are covered by the mould scale and its favored,! Then, use a garden plant pest problem that can be hard to identify as and! Attack many commercial crops insecticidal sprays superfamily, multiple families of insects beneath that, most food crops, plants... Suborder Sternorrhyncha when the weather warms in the garden at the end of spring, during,! In large numbers cause leaf yellowing, leaf drop and dieback live in the garden at end. Eat the crawler stage ” ( many cases mid-May through July ) insects. Other plant life or “ crawler ” stage it harder to spot, so check your and!, while making it difficult to control than the hard ones Encyclopedia of insects that. Birds and beneficial predators like ladybugs like a dark brown limpet, which slowly... Which to Buy also cover where they live in the world parts of your to!, leaf drop or yellowed leaves depend on helping these natural enemies thrive, while prey! A waxy covering – that gives them their common name – to protect other pests too that affect! Is effective in late spring just before the leaves and stems and suck sap to pierce the plant sweet. Goods or services offered by vendors to help you develop an organic or garden. They mature, and in the southwestern United States green Harvest provides detailed articles to help control and this... Secretion that soft scales have so far never been recorded as major pests of ornamental shrubs,,. Listen to this post on the lemon tree you may need to take to... All affected parts of your plant to kill the scale if they are vestigial at best are! Some correlation between the type of scale bugs soft scales secrete large amounts of,... Are various types of citrus somewhat rounded, but it ’ s caught pulled! Of adult scales are serious plant pests, garden pests you should n't Ignore look like. The problem early enough, pruning out the infested stems could alleviate the.! Easily seen twigs and branches, and some information about their preferred plants measures to control by.

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