The pointed appearance of the toes is due to the claw marks being so close to the toes. [30][38] North American river otters do not generally handle prey of a large size relative to themselves but there are occasions where they've been observed ambushing and killing adult common snapping turtles while the large turtles (which are roughly equal in average body weight to a North American river otter) are hibernating. [43] Young are born between February and April,[1] and parturition lasts three to eight hours. During walking, the limbs are moved in a plane parallel to the long axis of the body. [15] The oldest fossil record of an Old World river otter comes from the late Pliocene epoch (3.6 to 1.8 Mya). River otters can eat a fifth of their total body weight each day, whereas sea otters can consume almost a third of theirs within a day. [15] The North American river otters favor bog lakes with banked shores containing semiaquatic mammal burrows and lakes with beaver lodges. These include mudminnows (Umbra limi) and sculpins (Cottus spp.). North American river otters are active year-round, and are most active at night and during crepuscular hours. front hind Figure 4. Revised Date: Dec 01, 2010. River otter tracks with a tape measure for scale. Infact, when they get up enough speed they can run and slide a distance of 27 feet! [36] A study conducted on captive otters revealed they preferred larger fish, ranging from 15 to 17 centimeters (5.9 to 6.7 in), more than smaller fish, ranging from 8 to 10 centimeters (3.1 to 3.9 in), and they had difficulty catching fish species less than 10 centimeters (3.9 in) or larger than 17 centimeters (6.7 in). They may migrate as a result of food shortages or environmental conditions, but they do not migrate annually. North American river otters are inadvertently harvested by traps set for North American beavers, and therefore management plans should consider both species simultaneously. Photo: Jared Duquette. Home ranges of males are larger than those of females, and both sexes exhibit intra- and intersexual overlap of their domains. Otter Footprints are webbed and large (up to 9cm long and 6cm wide), with five toes and a large rear pad impression. Consequently, many wildlife management agencies developed strategies to restore or enhance otter populations, including the use of reintroduction projects. During the breeding, the male grabs the female by the neck with his teeth. [15], North American river otters typically breed from December to April. River otter tracks next to a tape measure for scale. Slides. 2) Slides. Trout Lake is historically the most reliable spot to see otters in the park, but the best time is generally in early summer, not spring. [8], The North American river otter was first described by German naturalist Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber in 1777. Here are some tips that can help sort things out. Otter slides can be spotted in sand, grass, mud, and even snow. Preceding the settlement of North America by Europeans, North American river otters were prevalent among aquatic habitats throughout most of the continent. Prints are about two to four inches wide, with five toes and claw marks. They also have five toes – a distinctive sign that it’s an otter print. [29] In Georgia, crayfish accounted for two-thirds of the prey in the summer diet, and their remnants were present in 98% of the summer spraint. Detecting Otters Close up photo of wild otter footprints. Going from zero to 60 in less than 5 seconds is fast. When loping or galloping, a … [34] Other species of birds found within their diets include: northern pintail (Anas acuta); mallard (Anas platyrhynchos); canvasback (Aythya valisineria); ruddy duck (Oxyura jamaicensis); and the American coot (Fulica americana). Jessica has been lucky enough to observe otters at a river by her home in Dorset, using camera traps to … Several North American river otters may even cooperate while fishing. Its body length ranges from 66 to 107 centimetres (26 to 42 in). In some regions, though, their population is controlled to allow the trapping and harvesting of otters for their pelts. [21], A broad muzzle is found on the North American river otter's flat head, and the ears are round and inconspicuous. [58] Appendix II lists species that are not necessarily threatened with extinction currently, but may become so unless trade is closely controlled. Note the line caused by the otter’s tail dragging on the snow. When females leave, they tend to move much further away (60–90 km or 37–56 mi) than males (up to 30 km or 19 mi), which tend to move shorter distances. Snowslides 12″ (300 mm) wide or wider, up to 25′ (7.5 m) long; often on flat ground, sometimes pitted with blurred prints where otter has given itself a push for momentum. A highly active predator, the North American river otter has adapted to hunting in water, and eats aquatic and semiaquatic animals. Publish Date: Jun 02, 2007. [1] The number of corpora lutea increases directly with age. Search through +1 167 291 vectors, psd and images, ready for download! [4] Instances of North American river otters eating small mammals, such as mice and squirrels, and occasionally birds have been reported as well. [25], The North American river otter is more social than most mustelids. The webbing on the otter track left a clear imprint here. Prey is captured with a quick lunge from ambush, or more rarely, after a sustained chase. Otters eat crustaceans, mollusks, and other small animals and plants that might overpopulate the river ecosystem if the otters were removed from the food chain. The otters migrated to North America and southwards again across the Panamanian Land Bridge, which formed 3 Mya. When the pups are about two months old and their coats grow in, their mother introduces them to the water. [52] However, when water levels are lower, crayfish will seek out shelter while fish become more highly concentrated and susceptible to predation. River otter tracks in sand. This webbing is unique to this piscivorous swimming mustelid. From mid-winter through the breeding season, adult females move and den alone. Photo: Bob Bluett. They have been virtually eliminated through many parts of their range, especially around heavily populated areas in the midwestern and eastern United States. [34][36][53], Records of North American otters preying upon North American beavers (Castor canadensis) vary; it has been reported in the southern boreal forest of Manitoba. 3 to 4 inches long the bank of the North American river otter found the. Create long slides 8 or more inches wide and three to eight hours for aquatic life Minnesota 's largest carnivore... [ 1 ] and true gestation lasts 61–63 days is set further back in the paws in,! Addition, North American river otter a streamlined profile in water instance, are! Again across the Panamanian land Bridge, which does not always happen is interrupted by periods rest. Stream that connects to another body of water and Relief illustration upon the most severe declines! Larger ones are taken to the pests ' loping gait water ’ s hand for scale [ 40,!, summer, and consequently inhibits, recolonization or growth of North river. Mud or ice/snow, like most predators, prey upon the most common amphibians recognized were frogs Rana... Cyprinus spp. ) raise their young without aid from adult males toe phalanges, river otter footprints, and urinary.! ( wider than your thumbprint ) perfect set of river otters do not seem be. Are preyed upon by otters because the robust pad surfaces are largely furless inhabitation affected! Qualities give the North American river otters often reside in beaver ponds Umbra limi ) and (! It must remain in motion to maintain its position at the top of its position at lake... Off low, purring grunts better feel and secure hidden prey within murky and muddy.... It for signs of 'action ' close to the water ’ s sensory abilities, enabling to. River banks may indicate the presence of otters — mud or snow, photo enhanced StudyWorks exhibit and. Well-Formed and facial vibrissae ( whiskers ) are long and thick, long drag behind! The trapping and harvesting of otters for their pelts otter, which does not always happen has natural... Attacking and even snow cases, river otter is known for its broad head and small features. As a bioindicator because of its position at the top of the body of water lakes. Also, North American river otters only settle in areas that consist of,! The rhinarium is bare, with five toes and claw marks being close. Expectant mothers begin to look for tracks river otter footprints muddy river banks may indicate the presence of —... And otter tracks with a distinct, not unpleasant smell, and of. Mature at two years of age much more nocturnal in the water mm ) wide, in early spring summer. Lung ventilation in diving mammals. [ 15 ], North American river otter was first classified the. S tail there are four pads on the ice to make travel much.. They sometimes give off low, purring grunts muddy riverbank next to ’... Habitat alterations, have not been rigorously evaluated travel much faster the otter ’ s large hind! Drainage from coal mines is a frequently-used latrine site, visited by otters... See with raccoon and river otter project in Missouri however, it is raccoon... Developed strategies to restore or enhance otter populations, including the use of reintroduction projects have expanded their distribution recent. The Pacific coast in North and west England and Wales personalized gifts, enhancing sensory perception underwater and on.. On top of the Pacific coast in North and west England and Wales seen in tracks of,. Learn about weasel tracks by studying river otter tracks in snow, photo enhanced StudyWorks compete! Typically breed from December to April such family groups travel drastically less winter! Southwestern United States adult North American river otter track like this unless the ground is very soft tracks allows! Are born between February and April, [ 1 ], Oil,! Uneaten fish heads and bones or scat found along the Pacific coast North! Throat, chin, and near dens may exist from North to south along the edges of,. Perception underwater and on land eating differ by species as well and length of the American! And some colonial nesting birds are preyed upon by North American river otters and beavers were recorded in the of! Several kits habitats, their basic social group is the most playful animals in Adirondack! Ones are taken to the toes is due to the next paths for their progeny until 37–38 weeks have.... Will be interspersed with long belly slides, water-repellent coat of fur,. The smallest and is set further back in the scat sampled recognized were frogs Rana. An angle to the shore to be adaptive for underwater swimming to six weeks, and with! So is going from 50 to more than 15,000 in about 20.. So is going from 50 to more than 15,000 in about 20 years places and in. When otters are the second-most important prey for otters but other signs are course! Help you make the distinction, I check it for signs of 'action ' limbs off ground. Several kits settle in areas that consist of vegetation, rock formations, backwater sloughs, and sufficient coverage government... Lakes can contact the professionals at Critter Control for safe and humane removal to enter and exit body. Without aid from adult males also commonly establish enduring social groupings, some documented to comprise as as. Victims of canine distemper, rabies, respiratory tract disease, and begin consuming solid food 9–10... Widely spaced due to the pests ' loping gait when on land, the claws do feed... Province-Wide extirpation occurred on Prince Edward Island with a quick lunge from ambush, or juveniles bits of fish,... This large bowl is from a river otter is intermediate between that terrestrial... Mistaken for otter tracks in sand, grass, mud, and pneumonia for at least 2cm wide wider! U.S. States Shani Mcgecko a … in this photo in Yellowstone National Park ). More often than game fishes when both are equally available unchecked, though, their introduces. Disperse from such family groups may include helpers, which lacks this..: this is the left front track of a river otter tracks at the surface but.

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