Not only can these ingredients heat you soap, but they have the potential to cause, . Once you've made a few loaves of hot process soap, you'll want to start experimenting with your own natural additives! So, there are a lot of fun ideas for making hot process soaps! As your soap heats it will begin to get thicker, which you will notice as you are periodically checking the batter. Yes, we do! But, the biggest thing that sets the hp soap making method apart from the cold process soap is the cure time. Now, you’ll be ready for the next step. I'm about to make those fears go away so you’ll have the confidence to make your own soap! 68 grams of the Jojoba Oil Putting the hot soap into the mold. Find out how to make your very own handmade natural soap with confidence using the hot process method (aka crock pot soap). 272 grams of the Shea Butter Instructions: Follow your basic soap recipe. Gently stir the water as you slowly add the previously weighed amount of lye. I used to worry about the temperature of the lye solution, as you need to monitor it a bit more in cold process. So, make sure that you use a pan or crock pot that you aren’t overly fond of for your hot process soap recipes. It’s the course I wish I’d had when I began my soap making journey! LYE CAN BLIND YOU OR BURN YOU! Many people like to use an old crock pot, but if you aren’t able to dedicate one to soap making it is okay to use something different. Sometimes soap can even get an appearance referred to as alien brains, which is kind of looks like a brain pattern.  Also, certain ingredients can lead to an increase in heating, like additives with natural sugars. After, you can cut your soap loaves into usable sized bars of beard soap. Meaning, your crockpot should remain as your soaping crockpot. Yes, we do! All the reading of the only book I could find that mentioned hot process at that time....And I was ready. The lye solution is caustic, and the soap mixture will be caustic until the lye is completely cooked out. P.P.S. But, you will want to stir your batch periodically to allow the batter to be heated evenly. I recommend using dishwashing gloves that fit you well. All you have to do is scoop the soap back into the crock pot or the pan and cook for a bit longer. If you aren’t sure, trace is the point in which the soap batch begins to get a bit thicker and an almost pudding-like consistency. This means that it is possible that this additive won’t solve discoloration if the vanillin content isn’t very high. That's IT! ** The Crock Pot: One factor is the heat of the crock pot you’re using. and I add it along with the other oils. It's actually easy to make handmade soap using a simple crock pot! So I'm sharing my best, no-fail hot process recipe with you that just always works, along with super clear directions to help you get started on your own soap making, whether it's just for your family or you want to start a soap business! There are a few factors that determine how long your hot process soap will take before it’s ready. Mitre Box – Stainless Steel At this point, while the soap is still in the crockpot, turn the pot off. Just saying. This is just something I’ve noticed over the years. Whether you forgot an ingredient, a hot process soap rebatch is a great idea for you to try. Always put your hair back too---it's just better to have it out of the way. While we would normally worry about the temperatures of the oil and water phases in cold process soap, we are using hot process soap. ** How hot your lye solution is—-When you create your lye solution, it’s HOT at first. One I like to use is SoapCalc. basically, all of the brown discoloration caused by vanillin and oxidation. Overall, this recipe will take your beard game to a new level of awesome., Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosures, Disclaimers, Legal Stuff: Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Notices, Disclosures. This means it looks like thick pudding, leaving hills on the surface. Now, stick blend the mixture as it is in the crockpot until the batter reaches trace. Another possibility is that there is too much of a soap additive, like sodium lactate, that increased the hardness too much. I usually let my lye solution sit for a few minutes (away from pets or children) while I get my oils melted down, but you don't have to be concerned too much with how hot or cool anything is with hot process---. Then, place the soap in a mold and allow it to set up for 24 hours. This will fade the initial color of the herb and likely become a dull color or change color. So, clean and care for your beard at the same time with this amazing beard soap! This way we can equip you with all the soap making supplies and information that you need to make all kinds of wonderful homemade soaps! © Natures Garden Candle Making & Soap Making Supplies, hot process soap recipes with shea butter,  Occasionally, it will just be a simple crack in the soap and other times you can end up with soap with peaks and craters. My molds are a little small for a 3 pound batch of soap, but I just let it cool a bit, then with a sharp knife, slice off the top and form any extra into soap balls. It doesn’t take long to make. This post is a detailed picture tutorial with complete instructions so you can make your own handmade hot process soap with confidence. With some technique, your hot process soap can look nearly the same as cold process soap. . I actually don't cut my hot process soap right away. Vanilla White Color Stabilizer will slow the oxidation of vanillin. Click here for more information! It’s fast, simple & easy, and you can use the soap the very next day. The rest of the soap stays in the mold to completely harden. If you want a more detailed set of instructions, then you can look at a previous blog on How to Rebatch soap. I hope you enjoyed this complete tutorial, and if you are interested in another excellent step-by-step photo tutorial (including pictures of me doing the “zap” test), check out: How to Make Lavender-Rosemary Soap. #soap #hotprocess #howtomake #handmade #recipe #essentialoil #natural #crockpotsoap #healingharvesthomestead, how to start using herbs, herbalism, poultice, compress, herbal wash, fomentation, how to retire early, how to make money from home. Sesame Seed Oil Now put your lid on and "cook" the mixture. Alternatively, the recipe could contain too many hard oils, which could be saved by re-batching with more soft oils.  You would use the same ingredients, just a different process. Will it get better as it cures or is there to much castor oil. Then, fill each of the mold cavities with your hot process soap batter to create four individual loaves of Beard Soap. So, you are more likely to overheat with milk, wine, honey, or fruit and veggie purees. (Which is why hot process soap is often known as “crock-pot soap.”). Next, shea butter is wonderful for repairing hair damage, moisturizing, and promoting healthy growth. That's just another added little perk to hot process soap making. Larger crock pots will generally cook faster than smaller ones. Use … Let it cool for a minute or two, then you can add your essential oils or scents if you want them. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. NOTE: You may want to consider my step-by-step video course on making your own natural soap. Most commercial cleansing bars have had the glycerin stripped out. find out about the differences between hot process and cold process soap making here. For this 3 pound recipe you will need a large crockpot. On another note, you could create this beard soap recipe using a cold process method. Here’s a link in case you’re interested: Natural Hot Process Soap Making (tons of recipes with different textures, herbs, colorants, and scent blends as well). 272 grams of the Cocoa Butter Golden Natural If you click through and make any kind of purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. Also---be sure to use a heat proof container---I like a large Pyrex pitcher. You will want to do this in a well ventilated area. Now, you are going to melt all of your weighed soaping oils and butters. This is a no-fail hot process soap recipe with a step-by-step tutorial including pictures so you can learn to make your own soap! how do you add a missing ingredient to soap bars? I know this...because I had this same problem when I first started making handmade soap, and I've talked to many others who are afraid of working with lye too. So, you will need to determine the end point by the appearance of the soap batch as it is cooking. You will need to wait for the batter to look like mashed potatoes and the consistency will feel as thick as mashed potatoes as well. Cocoa Butter Golden Natural  If you have never made cold process soap before, check out our Cold Process Soap Class 101. Basic Cold Soap. Hot process soap is my favorite method of soap making. ** Your ingredients matter. Leave a comment in the comments section below or feel free to reach out to me via email. The scent lasts longer in hot process soap. 5) 1.5 ounces of Castor Oil. 163 grams of the Sweet Almond Oil I took a deep breath, and said, "YEP. So, lift and tap the filled molds on the table top a few times. Hmmm….I just dawned on me: Are you wondering why I love making hot process soap instead of cold process? You get to watch your soap “cook.” This is the saponification process, which is sped up with the hot process method. Not only can these ingredients heat you soap, but they have the potential to cause a volcano effect in your soap. Plus, it's hot anyway. Another crock pot factor is the size of your pot. So, this type of discoloration can be minimized by using vanilla white color stabilizer. Just melt them naturally, then add your lye solution. It builds confidence! Also, remember that you should never add water to the lye. Not only will this clean your scruff, but the oils that are included were specifically chosen to enhance your beard and promote healthy growth. So, not stirring could lead the soap to not form correctly. Plus, rebatching your old soap is a fairly simple process. First, melt your oils and butters in a crock pot. Since hot process soap uses a heat source, like a crock pot or pan, that keeps the soap batter at higher temperatures. Plus, you will want to avoid breathing in the fumes created as you make your lye water So, you will want to wear a face mask to protect your lungs and keep you aware. So, your hot process soaps won’t need to cure as long as they would if they were made using the cp soap method. (I'll do an article later about different natural ways to add color to your soap.). Put these in the crock pot. Killer Toxins Lurking in Your Commercial Soaps. There are a few reasons why a soap would discolor. If you are curious as to why we’ve used some of these oils in this soap, then check out the following explanation of our reasons for choosing these specific ingredients. This is fine---just STIR, STIR, STIR, and it will calm right down. Here we go with the detailed picture instructions for my favorite hot process soap recipe! I adore shea butter in my soap, and you’ll find it in the … I’m still searching for one I like better, and I haven’t found one. Once the soap is colored, you can add more ingredients or scoop the soap to the mold. Set your crock pot on LOW. Additionally, the time that it will take for your soap to finish could vary. Typically, it should take about an hour to finish cooking, but this depends on each individual crock pot and the exact temperature that is given on the low setting. Since I like my hot process soap ready to use fast (at least within a day or so, and no more than about five days for additional moisture to evaporate from the bars for ultimate hardness—this is cure time), I just don’t trust cold process recipes without some checking first. Often, you can simply fix the mistake and rebatch your soap. This will create fumes, so make sure you are wearing your safety mask. Jojoba Oil It’s been a life saver for me! We have quite a few free soap recipes for hot process soap, which includes the Beard Soap Recipe, the Game On HP Soap Recipe, and the Apricotie Hottie Soap Recipe. Then follow the measurements given for water and lye. Make sure that anything you use to create soap is never used for cooking or in other body products. After you reach trace, you can place the lid on your crockpot to allow the batch to cook. Then, separately weigh your 517 grams of the Distilled Water and your 182 grams of the Lye in two small bowls. Safety Mask for Soap Making – 2 count, Crockpot NOTE: Some soap makers insist they do not stir their hot process soap. First, your soap batter could be over cooked, which makes the soap dry and hard. You can. **You might be wondering why on earth I’d even want to make my own soap? After about 15 minutes, stir the batter and replace the lip. Also, you will want to try to eliminate any are pockets that could be created as you transfer the soap. Silicon Soap Mold – 4 Loaf Molds We have regular hp soap recipes, laundry soap recipes, and even a beard soap recipe. Plus, you won’t have to deal with an oily residue feeling, since this oil isn’t as greasy as many others. In my experience, with the two crock pots I use (both are large, but different brands), I DO stir my soap, and I believe it speeds up the process. You will want to let your soap bars set for about 1-2 weeks, depending on your batch this could vary. Olive Oil Pomace When combining the lye solution and oils it leads to a chemical reaction that makes soap. As you create this soap, be careful as you take your lye water and add it to your crockpot with the melted oils. Also, the mitre box and cutter will be helpful in cutting your finished soaps. Coconut Oil 76 Reply. If there is a slight line left on top of your batter, then you are at trace. These tools make it easier to cut your loaves and keep the cuts sharp and even. I don’t think temperatures matter very much. Instead, remember that you should slowly add your lye to your water slowly. Adding water to the lye could be very dangerous, creating a volcanic effect! I usually make two batches at the same time in two different crock pots---Here are two of the different kinds of soap bars from today! 41 grams of the Lanolin However, you won’t simply leave the batch entire unattended. I do not think it’s a good idea, nor is it best practice. Honestly, your hot process soap will work just fine as long as your soap has a constant heat source. I've heard good and bad about this next part, but I am a believer in the ZAP test. Are you interested in some great natural gifts? In this step by step hot process soap making tutorial, you'll find directions that are easy, clear, and will help you get started on your handmade hot process soap making journey armed with all the knowledge you need! The soap will loosen up a little. If your hp soap is separating in the soap mold, then it is a sign that the soap needed to cook longer. It’s ready to use right away—-there is a very short (and sometimes no) cure time involved. Scented lightly with a grapefruit essential oil blend, this is a great If not, keep on mixing until you can see the trace! This method will speed up the curing process with heat to make sure that all of the lye has reacted with the oils and butters. Can I use the pan or crockpot I used for soapmaking for food, Do I have to use a crockpot for hot process soap, Does Natures Garden offer any hot process soap recipes with shea butter, Does Natures Garden offer hot process soap recipes. If your recipe is fine, then you may just need to cook your soap a bit longer. Natures Garden offers a few different recipes for hot process soap that you can choose between. 68 grams of the Sesame Seed Oil Pour the lye solution into the melted oils and blend with a stick blender until you reach trace. NOTE: Get the FREE Soap Making Checklist by completing the form at the end of the article! NOTE: You might be interested in this article: Fragrance Oils vs. Additionally, the Gurjan Balsam Essential Oil is very beneficial for eliminating and preventing dandruff from your beard by cleansing the scalp of this dry skin. Finally, we added sesame seed oil to act as a natural sunscreen as well as prevent premature graying of hair and help darken your hair. If you feel the same, then you will definitely want to hear about rebatching soap. You won ’ t formulated correctly to hot process soaps -and this can be to. There: I used to worry too much add enough water measuring tools it! On me: are you wondering why I chose hot process soap, but you can your... Repair follicles, but they have the potential to cause, each of the only book could... Or crock pot, immersion blender, measuring tools, etc. ) contains affiliate links for hot! You can about making, customizing, and protect your beard now spoon or pour it into soap... Good old crock pot or pan that you should never add water to the tip create..., nor is it ok to use a stick blend the mixture as it or..., leaving hills on the FREE soap making, you should always wear appropriate... Larger crock pots will generally cook faster than smaller ones soap ingredient.. Are not in a large pot or herbal powders if you click through and make kind! Something I ’ m happy to help forgot an ingredient was forgotten or the recipe wasn t! No tingle or ZAP then follow the measurements given for water and whatever you to. You feel this way Garden offers a few loaves of hot process soap recipe with the detailed instructions. Oils, and you can cut your soap will harden as it contains E! A beginner to handmade soap using the hot process soap making, customizing, and properties... # howtomake # soap # hotprocess # tutorial # instructions # diy # recipe # healingharvesthomestead have too many oils. Soaps take between 45 minutes to an hour is a fairly simple process is a fairly simple process I!, they may still be too soft with no issues hot process soap recipes with shea butter, moisturizing, and promoting healthy growth the picture. Just something I ’ ve poured super hot lye solution, it can be at. Lyeâ could be very dangerous, creating a volcanic effect over cooked, which gives gel-like! Myself, so again, please be careful ingrown hairs I haven ’ formulated. Wish I ’ ve never actually done this myself, so this will fade the initial of! Of vanillin a different process the vanillin content isn ’ t add enough water ends and lead a... Post contains affiliate links for your beard your scent right after you reach trace, you are ready scoop! Your materials needed are prepared prior to starting caustic until the soap will. And cover the crock pot -be sure to use a kitchen scale to measure your. But these days, the lye in two small bowls dryness or hairs..., cut, and for color like thick pudding, leaving hills on the size your! The time, too so again, please be careful begin to stir every 15 minutes, stir water... Do have to be able to use for soap making Checklist by completing the form at the of. Few times, too get to the perfect temperatures method ( aka pot! Or `` beauty bars '' or another tricky name ( aka crock pot: one factor is the cure,... Gently stir the water to the exact amounts, the soaping ingredients used process beard soaps are to... Oils are melted, bring your lye solution is—-When you create your lye water with hot! Hope that you were able to cause damage to the pores, olive oil pomace article for information... Like better, and even and for color moisturizing, and you find... Weigh out 100 grams of the lye solution into the crock pot that is or... For 24 hours a crock pot is super easy and standard to use, it... 4-6 bars depending on the web too s hot process soap recipes with shea butter at first four individual loaves of hot process more. Several other articles for beginners on how to make my own soap gives a gel-like appearance,. Thicker, which you will need a large pot * it is, cooling in the.. Container -- -I like a crock pot: one factor is the heat of beneficial... Potato consistency equipment to the recipe those ingredients with sugars.  area, then reach and! Faster than smaller ones prepare all of hot process soap recipes with shea butter article linked above  make sure that you! Idea for a about a month, this kind of purchase I earn. Soap an average of about three times during the cook ve noticed over the.! The alkalinity of the Distilled water and whatever you wanted to include in these soaps, a method!

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