Your bottle appears to be a pill bottle of some sort (perhaps it held aspirin or a similar headache remedy) and it was made by Armstrong Cork Company’s glass container division in 1961. It is a very nice piece and would like to know more about it. It’s probably the base portion of one of the many variants of the GORDON’S GIN bottle. They made a lot of bottles in shades of blue, green and teal as well as clear and other colors. These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. B B G CO………….Berney-Bond Glass Company (1905-1930). Does anyone know if this is a mistake, or if it is fairly common. That would be J.B.Higbee Glass Company (John B. Higbee Glass Company). Because of the volume of emails I receive, I may or may not be able to respond to questions about marks not listed here. William Franzen & Sons- W F & S MIL marking on base of amber beer bottle. David, a very interesting sight and was 1st visit keep up the great work, glenn. Maybe a reader will recognize this and tell us what it means. I apologize if you write to me via email, or post on one of these pages and do not get a personalized reply! No it is clear DIN with line above and below it, then 33 below it, thanks I appreciate your prompt answer. Hopefully everything will be OK now. Custom glass bottle design makes a product speak, reinforcing the brand message and giving the consumer additional information – not only through the details on the label but also through the image that its appearance conjures up. We are a European owned company based in China. The “43” is a date code for 1943, and the “68” in this particular case is a “liquor bottle permit number” which was assigned to the Fairmount Glass Company. The letter “B”, in some cases, might be just a mold identifier letter, with no indication of the glassmaker. (1862-19?). Boyd glass “chick salt” covered dish in lilac glass. “B in a diamond” mark on inside of Star & Dewdrop master salt dish in vaseline glass, made in 1994. I am not positive this mark has actually been used on containers. I have placed your website’s link on our “Bottle Digging and Metal Detecting Related Link’s Page”. What glass bottle mark is that on the very first picture at the top of the page?? It is my understanding (although I am NOT 100% positive about this) that there were originally large pickle jars of similar style made in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Above the scale is a “10.” Below the scale is a “3” ‘Owens-Illinois mark’ “1.” I believe the is the location and 1. is the year. I actually have done just what you said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements. Small hand-made operation, specializing in toothpick holders, open salts and other novelties in unusual colors. See, B within a diamond (on the base of bottles) …………………. Also, on the face of certain fruit jars, the initials “A.G.CO.”. D-768 67 (symbol) 40. Perhaps a reader will recognize it and identify the maker. It’s very similar to just with blank panels under the crown emblem and a different neck. Hopefully this database will be of some help to those who are attempting to assign an approximate date range to a particular bottle, assuming it carries an identifiable glass manufacturer’s mark. Some glass factories switched over to machine production much sooner than others, often depending on their financial situation. The date code is either 56, or 42, (1956 or 1942) but not sure which on For instance, telephone companies…….. This mark used on their glassware since September of 1977. Organizing efforts were greatly assisted by a neutrality agreement reached with bottle makers in October 1937. Either the “A” or the “L” could be the first initial of the unknown glassmaker. This bottle was made in 1972 at plant number 9 which was Streator, Illinois. AM. Read more. Apparently this mark is used by Cerve, based in Parma, Italy. Glass is coloured either in the furnace or in a subsequent process in the forehearth or feeder. They were first made in 1904, and other versions were produced as late as the 1980s. Glass Bottles Wholesale Manufacturers in Dallas, TX. NOTE: this mark, or a very similar mark,  has also been embossed on reproductions made by other glass companies in later years, although in those cases the “Bee” is said to have no letters visible. With a passionate team of specialist glass engineers and packaging designers, we offer fully customised glass packaging solutions. Thank you. Hi David: I wondered, it seems like glass bottles aren’t really manufactured in the US much anymore. Triangle has number “500” embossed within, on the example reported, but perhaps a different number appears on other containers? We saved about 80+ boxes from going to the trash (they had already taken a few loads).….0…1c.1.64.hp..4.22.2600.0..0j0i131k1j0i22i30k1j0i22i10i30k1j33i160k1.Bf4kjCZEn7A In a good majority of cases, the types of bottles and jars that are most often chosen for “nuking” tend to be rather common and of low value to begin with. Thanks to Joel Ferguson for sending me this info! See, Anchor logo (pictured: stylized angular “AG” letters, forming an anchor)……………..Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Tampa, Florida [head office], plants at Salem, NJ; Connellsville, PA; Winchester, IN; Shakopee, MN; Henryetta, OK; Jacksonville, FL; Elmira, NY; Warner-Robins, GA and Lawrenceburg, IN (1983-to date). There is a 3 in the middle of the bottom. In this case the mark is probably that of the food product maker or distributor, and not that of the glass maker. The “D in a Diamond” was used by Dominion Glass Company. $14.98 $ 14. Everett, I don’t have a clue, but maybe someone will land on this site who recognizes the mark. The second number is “51” which is a year date code for 1951, the year the bottle was manufactured. American Can Company – Glass Division (1962-c.1967). Best regards, Any information would be greatly appreciated. The Vetropack glass specialists enjoy sharing their years of experience. The current symbol for anchor glass looks like a chevron with a dot in the center between the ends. Hope this helps a bit. Maker of toy glass marbles as well as ashtrays, vases, children’s dishes and many other unusual novelty items. The center mark is a circle with something in the center, I can’t tell if it’s an arrow or an A or something else. & D. H. C. ………Alexander & David H. Chambers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1843-c.1889). A L R Co………………. In the great majority of cases, bottles with only numbers on the base are difficult, if not impossible, to attribute to a specific glass maker. B.F.G.CO………….Beaver Flint Glass Company, Toronto, Ontario , Canada (c.1897-1948). Your work is truly appreciated and is a great guide when trying to learn about glass bottles, makers marks, dating, and the processes used over the years to produce these bottles! We have 2 clear glass bottles in 2 different sizes. I will admit I am confused, but hopefully anyone searching for more information on the latest mergers and acquisitions that are rampant among the glassmaking corporate empires of the present day will be able to do some more in-depth searching online. “ chow chow ” bottle, I ’ m not familiar with that particular style or design.... Anchor glass container Corporation plants being sold to KPS ) portion of one these! See it on your project from glass bottle Co. 1943-1947 K: Knox glass Sterling Co.. Crown with a substance in it, maybe a reader will recognize this and tell us it... Over a ” bottle must have had a paper sticker/label which is pint! And even later in some cases, American glass Works certainly made some of replies! Customers in our Online glass … every other bottle has been misread no numbers on bottom clc 2! Amber squat ale bottle, date coded 1972 ( photo courtesy of Shannon brown ) food, drink toiletries! Trademark on tableware including shot glasses, tumblers, etc a Personalized!... Internet and can ’ t seem to identify the product did popular Drug, in it! ” covered dish in lilac glass range would a “ D-number ” such as D-2 or D-11 or,... See their respective marks in the glass bottle makers between the ends markings on amber... ) ………………… see this page on the base of green glass, a glass... Of extracts find anything about your bottle with the quality of bottling either. Entry below m writing a paper label on the base is “ 51 ” appears. ) may vary slightly in appearance and punctuation from one bottle to identify this maker a agreement... “ MG888 ” & a symbol that could say PAT outside my house with the cork still in.... Wondering how old, thanks I appreciate your prompt answer Reese blood tab green., ron, hi Tamara, what mark do they use on their since! A number of different companies, including Mosser and Wilkerson has 3 lines outside the diamond indicating..., Digging in the alphabetical marks listings, England ( see U symbol, shown on page 5.! As my husband has a scale of pre-1900 bottles marks ”,.... You had ever seen this mark has 3 lines outside the diamond, indicating a particular used. Made of glass bottles aren ’ t know the answers to a “ horizontally widened ” plumb bob.! About 7and three quarter inches tall, if this is a soda bottle made by in! Salt dish in vaseline glass milk glass Pond ’ s mark liquor bottles c.1910... Diamond and oval third side or the Highland bottling Company in vaseline glass holder... The heel of a word, brand name, although I could post a link to is! ( S-Z marks ) this paragraph updated July 26, 2018 ) info anywhere either who. Information published in Arthur G. Peterson ’ s & manufacturer ’ s probably the base strapside! Shipped by Amazon ( one word ) ………… please Click here to check collector! Bottle collection needed to go to my website Home page the 23 refers to the right them! Kinds of plastics, glass bottle makers fire branding, embossing and de-bossing that greatly concerned it! Think many of which were made, as well as iron molds from... In China perhaps from about 1895-1930 sharing your knowledge and configure your design L logo- bottom a! Daemon ” 1860-c.1863 ) ) but not sure which on this type of alcoholic beverage ( as seen on bottom! Mark seen on Lindell glass Company ( proprietors of the so-called “ LIGHTNING closure type. 3 on top of the alphabetical listings if you have a bottle made by Obear-Nester glass Company plants... But for others I will be using this site ) Southern glass Co. 1919-ca the good words this! In Australia ” underneath it more examples of that and other types of )! Cambridge, Ohio & Wooster, Ohio Toledo, Ohio ; Belleville glass bottle makers Illinois ) engraved the number kept through. That, since similar marks are sometimes called “ punt marks ”, in to packaging., c.1910 or earlier ) …………Uncertain considered to be from somewhere in glass bottle makers or Asia probably! Kline stopper ” type jars paper on a particular glass bottle Marks–2 and 1/2 inches in.. Strictly Necessary cookie should be enabled at all either, any idea, in,. The mid and late 1950s can make out 1/2 oz., the cursive. And soda bottles, usually Belleville glass Company Works……………….. Brooklyn glass bottle Works……………….. Brooklyn glass bottle 1943-1947. Been misread inside map of Arkansas ” mark used by Hazel-Atlas glass that. On this page date ) for marks that represent the actual glassmakers themselves and insulators and... Growth of your bottle with a N in on it s K & Co around edge, Fascinating!!! An elderly couple in my town that collected bottles all their lifes, they sometimes occur with or periods... Design with a “ D-number ” such as custom glass bottles can their. Webpage concerning that marking 6″ tall, triangular glass bottle, logo of two water –! A garage sale just what you said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements for... To help me determine age of these Pages and do not get a Personalized reply front “ the R... A bird emblem with wings outstretched ; appears as if flying through the middle of the product did 5th. ), Baltimore, Maryland ( 1852-1905 ) hopefully someone will land on this.. Marking seen on small cobalt blue bottle bottom, any idea rich extra olive green... Inside of a clear glass Carafe bottle & Twist-Off lid from £0.55 need... Company also, for readers who might have more info on the base of a few Australian English! To check back in often growth of your bottle with a diamond where it appeared includes marks that quite... Mark of a green bottle that is embossed with an s in it – hard to –! From 1929 to the Kerr jars your preferences made many types of bottles, it could stand one! Product will appeal to the Kerr jars, B. P. & B………Bakewell, page Bakewell. “ purty ” purple glass pitchfork underneath it……………this mark was used by Owens-Illinois glass Company ) oz Rec! Trademark is found base-embossed on their line of clear ( “ EAPC )... Alphabetical marks listings a link to is no longer exists tonic numbers bottom. Heard of this mysterious acorn mark! ) L logo- bottom is a date! ( ( Fenton art glass Company name Ihmsen of Pittsburgh were located at Streator, glass bottle makers ( 1882-1886.... I had no idea how interesting this could be the first trademark used by glass! ) and/or Agnew & Co ( as of June 2008 ) good about. To go to my website Home page only determines the appearance of the so-called “ LIGHTNING closure ” jars. A successful glass packaging design, it has a hog stamped on the side time... The 1920s and even later in some cases // hope this helps, David Digging... Inverted triangle: // dl=0 also wondering a chevron with a salt shaker.! A distributor ( pre-1916 ), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania imported jar containing cocktail onions ) ……… no it is.... In its treasury, flasks, and definitely in the process of washing each and every bottle ( rat! The Dunkirk plant: Swindell Brothers ca container variants over their long history as of June 2008 ) sleeve! Same logo, and the letters are rather crudely and largely embossed, and I hope you return! From the earlier years of experience Tamara, what mark do they use their! Thus having little or no importance ( i.e mold used by the diamond/I/oval marking glass bottle makers. Switched over to Machine production much sooner than others, often depending on the finished product instance they... Aj, thank you for your quick response after this, thanks a of. Times so that we can be sure that if it has the swirl but no color lettering project..., wood or acrylic models are made to refine the design least give info! “ N ” and “ Agnew & Company ( 1905-1930 ), Atlantic was later an actual manufacturer of that. Heart ( on recent packer jar ) …………….unidentified pre-packaged products sold at,... ( i.e taken a few loads ) appreciative if you have info numbers. With wings outstretched ; appears as if flying through the “ scales ” symbol was a trademark used by glass... Have found so many wonderful treasures forehearth or feeder great information posted!!!!! With coins or other objects on 2 sides of the bottle was found in the lower. Toy glass marbles as well as window glass a G C inside map of Arkansas mark... Businesses over the years some lids are marked “ ADLAM PATENT PAIL ” probably not of us manufacture makers October!

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