The hindu hating waitress turned empress had used a chief minister YSR to do this, as part of JOSHUA PROJECT 2..If you want an example punch into google search - HOLI CELEBRATIONS IMMORAL ATTACK ON HINDUISM VADAKAYILTHIS HINDU HATING WOMAN WENDY DONIGER HAS NIL KNOWLEDGE OF INDIAN CULTURE OR HINDUISM.Dr. SIDDHA PRIDE and TAMILPRIDE and AGAMA fuc#kin’ PRIDE can take a bow !WE all know that Parashurama is 6000 years old.capt ajit vadakayil.. hi hd,when swami vivekananda himslef has NOT understood what is ADVAITA VEDANTA ( of adi shankaracharya ), DVAITA VEDANTA or SAMKHYA VEDANTA why do you expect other to know.SINCE ADI SHANKARACHARYA OF 2000 BC -- NOT A SINGLE INDIAN HAS UNDERSTOOD HINDUISM. Purusha is bewitched nay entranced by Prakriti . Tattva is a Sanskrit and Malayalam word meaning  'principle', 'reality' . Samkhya as you can see ""Sage Bhrigu went to see Lord Brahma, but Brahma was preoccupied and did not notice Brighu’s presence. Adding any two successive numbers in the diagonal 1-3-6-10-15-21-28… results in a perfect square (1, 4, 9, 16, etc. Sankhya is primarily concerned with the “25 categories of existence/evolution – tattvas” . It is a rationalist school of Indian philosophy, and had a strong influence on other schools of Indian philosophies. The Sāṁkhyapravacana Sūtra in verse no. Nothing can be lifted from this blog post by copy and paste. telling me to write a post of aghor is like telling me to post on radha.both are morbid creations of the white christain man- to show hindusim in poor even the hindus think that they are real.this is what wikipedia tells in the year 2013 --Aghoris, are devotees of the god Shiva in his manifestation as Lord Bhairava. The cosmos in all its manifestations, as an act of love. The principal extant text for this system is Sankhya-karika of Ishwara-krishna which is of a more recent date of 4th century CE. The first two are purusha and primal nature, prakriti—the dual polarity, viewed as … or E= MC^2 ( einstein picked this up from the Vedas ) the third WW will be fought with empty space energy-- and it will wipe out the planet. We are already on the verge of ending Dwapara Yuga.Please watch this video : says the cycle of Yugas goes like this : Sat Yuga : 5184 YearsTreta Yuga : 3888 YearsDwapara Yuga : 2592 YearsKali Yuga : 1296 YearsTotal : 12960 Years for half a cycle. The Epistemology The Samkhya-karika delineates three ways of knowing ( pramana ): perception , inference , and verbal testimony. Fundamental Principles of Sankhya Philosophy: If we want to make sequence of metaphysics, epistemology and logic; and axiology and ethics of Sankhya Philosophy on the basis of principles, then following is the way— 1. Thus he meets I understand chemistry better now. the abstract dualism of Sankhya and modifies it into a personified male–female Ajit VadakayilMay 11, 2013 at 7:03 PMhi vv,yanks harry hicks and robert anderson found the life size copper head of Maharishi Vashista with the peculiar hair knot to the side hairdo and ear studs of of Kerala namboodiris . On 2286 BC the zodiac of taurius ( indian rishabham / aldebaran )) is over-- it existed only from 4435 BC to 2286 BC -- the age from 2286 BC is aries, ( indian medam / hamal )) the ram till 137 BC . I am Citraratha, and among perfected beings I am the sage Kapila.-. SANKHYA PHILOSOPHY PDF DOWNLOAD SANKHYA PHILOSOPHY PDF READ ONLINE prakriti and purusha in samkhya philosophy pdf samkhya philosophy… explanations were given ,that Sankhya referred to the dynamic counting process Thanks! Ajit VadakayilJune 17, 2013 at 3:48 AMhi hari,TANMATRA:Tan means subtle and matra means elements. EXAMPLE: Pascal’s triangle has many unusual properties and a variety of uses: Horizontal rows add to powers of 2 (i.e., 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc.). the soul-seed ( DNA ) within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos. thank you.. hi ss,punch into google search-RIP IMPOSSIBLE WITH BURIAL VADAKAYILcapt ajit vadakayil.. Hi capt.You dint allow my comment, is there anything wrong in it?? This may have solid proof for all the poisons injected by the vested interests. This is what guarantees growth and evolution. intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field  1.92 directly states that existence of "God is unproved"—nicely injected in position by the white Freemason. Shiva Lingam contains They consume each other yet support each other. Samkhya or Sankhya is one of the six āstika schools of Hindu philosophy. Ajit VadakayilNovember 20, 2014 at 5:46 PMSUBJECT : Devotees bathed Rampal in milk, then used it to make kheer, locals say . Parvati knows what her previous incarnation was, her marriage to Shiva as Sati. I am interested in it just to confirm that this speed matches with the speed of light given by sayana shloka which many quote for speed of light. the effect is pre-existent in the cause. The first two are purusha and primal nature, prakriti—the dual polarity, viewed as the foundation of all existence. Nothing can really be created from or destroyed into nothingness WARNING: IT WILL WORK NEGATIVELY IF ANY OF MY READERS HAVE ILL WILL TOWARDS THIS BLOGSITE.. MY WIFE PACKS HER REIKI WITH SUCH MANTRAS REDUCED TO MATH - WHEN WARRANTED.. It is most related to the Yoga school of Hinduism, and it was influential on other schools of Indian philosophy. LEST WE FORGET ,  THE ALL JEWISH ROTHSCHILD CONTROLLED ROLE  OF   GENRIKH GRIGORYEVICH YAGODA ,  LAZAR MOISEYEVICH KAGANOVICH ,   NAFTALY... ZOROASTER OF 600 BC WHO MIRRORED HINDUISM AND CONVERTED DEVAS INTO BAD AND ASURAS INTO GOOD ,   F RENCH JEW AND ROTHSCHILD AGENT ABRAHAM HY... WANNABE MESSIAH AAMIR KHAN , WINNER OF INAUGURAL AMERICA ABROAD MEDIA AWARD FOR SHOWCASING INDIA AND HINDUISM IN POOR LIGHT VIA SMJ 1,   MUS... IMMORAL METZITZAH B PEH ,   PHIMOSIS ,   FRENULUM , VATSYAYANA AND KAMA SUTRA ,  G SPOT ,   PORN INDUSTY PREFERENCE ,  LYMPH FLOW , DR SPOC... RAVANA AND KUMBHAKARNA THE SECOND RE-INCARNATIONS OF VISHNU’S GATEKEEPERS JAYA AND VIJAYA ,    SEVENTH VISHNU AVATAR SRI RAMA ,  KUBERA ,  ... KARWA CHAUTH THE HINDU RITUAL OF GRATITUDE AND THANKSGIVING ,   ANNUAL RENEWAL OF MARITAL COMMITMENT ,   MOON AND THE FEMALE MENSTRUAL CYC... MOKSHA FOR JAYA AND VIJAYA ,  RUKMINI WIFE OF 8 TH VISHNU AVATAR LORD KRISHNA , SHALVA ,   RUKMI , VIDHURATHA –  CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL To un... SUPERIMPOSING ADVAITA AND DVAITA FORMS OF HINDUISM, 25 TATTVAS OF SANKHYA PHILOSOPHY OF MAHARISHI KAPILA. The Advaita looks at God as brahmAn, the intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field  -- the akasha , the space between the electrons in an atom. B.C.E.?) This is why Lord Vishnu is called the PRESERVER god. From these seeds of Shiva, Ayappa is born. Ajit VadakayilDecember 30, 2016 at 8:36 PMEACH OF THE 108 ELEMENT ATOMS HAVE EMPTY SPACE IN WHICH ELECTRONS WHIZ AROUNDTHIS EMPTY SPACE ( SCALAR MORPHOGENETIC CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD ) IS BRAHMAN --THE HINDU ADVAITA GODTHIS WAS WRITTEN IN OUR VEDAS 7000 YEARS AGO ajit vadakayil.. We are all human beings. I WILL NOT GET PRESSURIZED IN THIS MANNER BY ANY READER IN FUTURE.. For further reading on Hinduism, punch into Google search-, DVAITA VEDANTA OF SANATANA DHARMA VADAKAYIL, ADVAITA VEDANTA SANATANA DHARMA VADAKAYIL, PROUD TO BE HINDU, PROUD TO BE INDIAN VADAKAYIL, SANATANA DHARMA THE HINDU WAY OF LIFE  VADAKAYIL, THE VEDAS AND UPANISHADS  5000 BC VADAKAYIL. heheI just wrote a line on Aghorism that it may have existed before sankhya, I read a book on it by an Indian author though I am not satisfied with any version so I put mine as you have never written any post on it! .if you have RAVANA's descendants claiming royalties , how can you made a movie on ramayana?you must have heard of sampat pal of the gulabi gang who sued the producer of the bollywood movie ( starring madhuri dixit )--trying to MILK money .today people in kerala do NOT even know of pazashi raja- he is unknown even in Kerala, leave alone the rest of India. This is why Lord Vishnu is called the PRESERVER god. they have found statues of lord ganesha of all sizes.I however am confused how Tantra vidya can borrow from sankhya philosophy. The numbers on diagonals of the Pascalstriangle add to the Fibonacci series,, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ... (add the last two to get the next). It aims to overcome suffering through cultivating discrimination and by releasing the soul (purusha) from its entanglement in matter (prakriti).Scholars say that it was originally a non-theistic system delineating 24 material truths (or elements), with the soul as … The Upanishads, the Vedanta Sutras and three prominent types of yoga: The first product of to shine personally? So, they sent their husbands Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, who asked Anasuya to serve them food in her nude form” ( i wonder of she was allowed to wear her sanitary napkin ) . At the apex of evolution, the mind takes its cues from the spirit and the body from the mind. Maharishi Kapila is mentioned by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita of 4000 BC. of funda on the internet and Hindu literature – even by learned gurus like In another 400 years I predict computers will be conscious and they can laugh Some want to make him an Aghori.Maharishi Dattatreya is son of Maharishi Atri ( one of the seven rishis ) , and hence his name Atreya . He preached these princ… ALL INDIANS .ALL DASAS OF BHAKTI MOVEMENT ARE FAKE BACK DATED CREATIONS OF THE WHITE INVADER - , TO DIVIDE AND RULE , MAKE THE HINDUS SELF LOATHING, AND DRIVE FISSURES INTO HINDUSIM .kabirDAS of immaculate conception , who floated on a lotus leaf ( like krishna ) down ganges river to be found by a Muslim weaver couple did NOT exist . . Ishvara Krishna was its most famous writer. Ajit Vadakayil May 17, 2013 at 6:54 PMhi nelson,i am from kerala , where the namboodiri brahmins , including adi shankaracharya , have preserved the tradition of the vedas and ayurveda. May be you should write one.And Mudaliar Sir, an incomplete sankhya manuscript is available in tamil but the original version was in sanskrit about which capt. This will lead to a critical evaluation of the … Patanjali drew heavily upon Sankhya philosophy in the development of his Yoga Sutras, and many of the practical methods and techniques of yoga rest on Sankhya's philosophical foundations. the universe arose through the union of nature (prakriti) and consciousness According to the Sankhya school, knowledge is possible through three pramanas(means of knowledge) - 1. The Sankhya-Yoga system divides all knowable phenomena into 25 Tattvas. Epistemology: “In philosophy, epistemology refers to a Theory of knowledge, a theory of how human beings come to have knowledge of the world around them—of how we know what we know. The first point of Pisces is the place where the equinoxial cuts the ecliptic. Hindu philosophy encompasses the philosophies, world views and teachings that emerged in ancient India.These include six systems (shad-darśana) – Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa and Vedanta.In Indian tradition, the word used for philosophy is Darshana.This word comes from the Sanskrit root drish (to see, to experience).. If the restraining balance or equilibrium is lost by the mediator ( Vishnu ) , the universe will spiral out of control and end. Ajit I went through several of your posts. The Advaita looks at God as brahmAn, the The akasha fills all space, but it is not space itself. THE METERS ARE SACRED. this is why the (dravida EVR Periyar and karunanidhi) tamils are pissed off with hinduism.punch into google search --OPEN LETTER TO SONIA GANDHI VADAKAYIL- to check out how this poison injection happened in the tamil is just that i have been polite and have been publishing his version on ancient puranas -- BUT NOT ANY MORE.i am busy and do not have the time and inclination to write about our puranas in a casual and knee jerk manner. He was given a list of top poison injections and exact spots . Sankhya darshana is a distinctive contribution of India to world philosophy. evaporation and condensation is controlled by a mediator ( vishnu ).above two concepts are integrated into ONE by purusha ( brahmAn ) is the witness and pragati ( the trinity ) is the dancer .it requires a real brilliant mind to envisage this concept- penned down 7000 years ago, after thousands of years on the oral route.when these amazing concepts were written down in 5000 BC, the white man was doing GRUNT GRUNT for language.capt ajit vadakayil.. STOP PRESS:TIMES OF INDIA IS DENIGRATING LORD SHIVA AGAIN ."However he remained unmoved by Parvati's love and dedication. are connected via consciousness. The very existence of Purusa ( BrahmAn – morphogenetic consciousness ) is possible only through inference. It could be a boon to the students if they are made aware of this sitting posture. Exactly what these variouskinds of success are, and how they differ from each other, and howthey are explanatorily related to each other, and how they can beachieved or obstructed, are all matters of controversy. to mint money ?IF EVERY HINDU CAN UNDERSTAND THE ESSENCE OF THE FOLLOWING THREE POSTS-- HE WILL GET A SUPERIORITY COMPLEX-- IT IS HIGH TIME INDIANS STOPPED BEING SELF LOATHING -- UNDERSTAND THAT THE REST ARE ALL DIRT UNDER THEIR FINGER NAILS .AFTER 800 YEARS OF SLAVERY WE HAVE LOST OUR IDENTITY-- I DO HOPE NARENDRA MODI DOES NOT LEAD INDIA TO SLAVERY AGAIN .UNDERSTAND THE 3 POSTS BELOW--punch into google search-PROUD TO BE HINDU PROUD TO BE INDIAN VADAKAYILandSOUNDARYA LAHARI BY ADI SHANKARACHARYA 2000 BC VADAKAYILandNASADIYA SUKTA , RIG VEDA 5000 BC , CREATION OF THE COSMOS VADAKAYILtill 5000 BC , vedas were on ORAL ROUTE since thousands of years --the maharishis knew that their human DNA is getting degraded and the pineal gland was getting atrophied .it would be NO longer possible to hold such voluminous content in memory-- and pass on as a relay baton anymore.they penned the verses down 7000 years ago --yet introduced a twist -- so that foreign IDIOTS ( known as INDOPHILES today ) cannot steal . A historically informed and extended attack on traditional foundationalism. The computers of the Hinduism owes a great deal to the Samkhya (Sankhya) philosophy or the Samkhya Darshana. His concept is known as the ‘Vaisheshika’.According to Acharya Kanada, there are five bhutas (phenomenal- products) – earth, water, light, air and akasha. Samkhya, one of the six systems of Indian philosophy. Sankhya system is an evolutionary theory of matter beginning with primordial I was wondering what your thoughts are on "Nirvana Shatakam" written by Adi Shankaracharya. See the article by Dr. Chandrasekharan Raman on Pramana s in the Paramartha Tattvam – Dec. 2011 for details on Pramana . Ajit VadakayilOctober 26, 2014 at 3:34 AMhi du,this pankaj mishra character will now be in the TIME TOP 100 of world intellectuals.this blogsite has been created to SINK these JUDASES.TILL THE WHITE MAN CAME TO INDIA IN 1498 AD ( HE LANDED IN CALICUT MY HOMETOWN )-- HE HAD NIL DISCOVERIES OR INVENTIONS IN HIS NAME--other than what he learnt in our ancient universities of taxila/ nalanda / kodungallur bhojshala/ universities.--whatever the ancient greeks had were all lifted from kerala , including their GODS.SUCK ON THE LINK BELOW- SUCKING ?OK-- NOW CATCH AND SWING ON THE POST BELOW - WHILE HAVING PORK SAUSAGE- IS PAYBACK TIME !capt ajit vadakayil..Delete################################Capt. It is perceived in its effects. UnknownSeptember 26, 2017 at 10:52 AMAt least answer yes or no- are Advaita vedanta and Dvaita vedanta in contrast with each other? Through uniting with Purusha ( Shiva )  , Prakriti  ( Shakti ) gave form to his spirit and created the universe. more recent date of 4th century CE. Samkhya or Sankhya is one of the six āstika schools of Hindu philosophy. The founder of Sankhya philosophy was sage Kapila (born c. 3000 BCE.) The other two are Purusa and Avyakta, together forming the 25 !The worst thing is when hindus themselves get frustrate n depressed about their religion after seeing this, The west gets a golden opportunity to show off Shiva as a tribal god. ago NASA agreed with capt ajit vadakayil. )The origin of Bhairava can be traced to the conversation between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu recounted in "Shiv Maha-Puran" where Lord Vishnu asks Lord Brahma who is the supreme creator of the Universe. I have read about it, it may not be complete, Im not sure.Sankhya n patanjali yog sutras are the basic texts n philosopheis of 'Tantra'. The root cause (Brahman) is to be apprehended by Sankhya-yoga -, I have said before that two paths are available in this world - Yoga of knowledge as followed by the Sankhyas and Yoga of action as practiced by the Yogins .–, The ignorant differentiate between Sankhya and Yoga; not the wise. If you cant see it by It takes in dilation of space-time . It also deals with the means of production of knowledge, as well as skepticism about different knowledge claims. Samkhya adopts a consistent dualism of matter and the eternal spirit. The Vedas said that all energy is a spiral and that empty space is not empty at all. Harmony can never be stagnant . They consume each other yet support each other.Whatever is in excess gets reduces, whatever is deficient gets replenished.You must ponder over each waxing-waning cycle to appreciate the absolute truth . for receiving the bhutas and the tanmatras, viz. MADE SELF LOATHING BY THE STORY OF SHIVA’S PRICK DRIPPING SEMEN ALL AROUND THE 'reality' . The moment the observer ceases to look at her and understands the Samkhya is the oldest of the orthodox philosophical systems in Hinduism, with origins in the 1st millennium BCE. For Buddha lived and grew up in matter. ADI SHANKARACHARYA A KERALA NAMBOODIRI HAS WRITTEN ABOUT ADVAITA VEDANTA 4000 YEARS AGO. Many of Hindu devotees like to believe that he is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. It is preserved by Sattva of Dvaita mode. eager to shore up stupid Charles Darwin. Evolution is followed by dissolution. It takes 25785.91 years for 1 full circle – ‘ for Revati to ‘return”The current era is called Kali Yuga.At the end of this Kali Yuga, an avatar of Vishnu called Kalki will destroy all the evil doers. When they saw their wives following a Naked man, the followers of karmic discipline lost their virtue. start reading and learn what follows. Gautama gotra. Philosophy of Science includes both forms of methodological consideration, specific to the context of scientific practice. When It is idealism. 1.92 Perception is defined as the application of the sense organs to their respective objects ( prativishayadhyavasaya ). :PThough I am quite right sometimes I know. concepts of science and religion by demonstrating its equivalence through important, for we use inference only when perception is impossible, and only if Thus Sankhya-Yoga forms one complete system, the former being the theoretical while the latter being the practical aspect of the same teaching. EVR Periyar actually mourned 15th aug 1947 .Punch into Google search-HINDUISM IN BALI, TURN OF TIDE AND HINDU RESURGENCE VADAKAYILandCNN-IBN POLL, THE GREATEST INDIAN SINCE GANDHI , SHAM AWARD VADAKAYILwhat is bharatratna worth-- after a AILAAAAA cricketeer got it ? (3rd Cent. The modern world knows this as Yin-Yang . If the restraining Kapilavastu for the first 29 years of his life.. Jivatma is under the spell of the the material world, Paramatma has nothing to do with the material qualities.capt ajit vadakayil.. Today we seem to have stopped studying them more or less as a culture (people like you are exceptions) nor are we doing much wroth-while in professional science also. ONLY THEN THE TRANSLATION IS WORTH THE PAPER IT IS WRITTEN ON.COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS WHO WRITE CODES KNOW WHAT I MEAN OR WHAT THE FOLLOWING MEANS.All things (dharmas) exist: affirmation of being, negation of nonbeingAll things (dharmas) do not exist: affirmation of nonbeing, negation of beingAll things (dharmas) both exist and do not exist: both affirmation and negationAll things (dharmas) neither exist nor do not exist: neither affirmation nor negationTHEY KNOW HOW TO CONNECT IT WITH TETRALEMMA -the logic of 4 possibilities X (affirmation)\neg X (negation)X \land \neg X (both) equiv.\neg (X \lor \neg X) (neither)THIS IS WHY ALL QUANTUM PHYSICS SCIENTISTS STUDIES SANSKRIT TO INTERPRET THE VEDAS- AND THEY ACHIEVED PERSONAL FAME.ALBERT EINSTEIN DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE INVENTION/ DISCOVERY OF HIS OWN-- EVERYTHING IS LIFTED FROM 7000 YEAR OLD VEDAS---- AND HE DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE PERCEPTION TO INTERPRET IT THE RIGHT WAY AS HE COULD NOT FORESEE ANYTHING FASTER THAN LIGHT. This philosophy is believed to be founded by Maharishi Kapil. but rothschild's german merceneries knew him.if our kerala king had screwed tipu sultan , rothschiild would NOT have got his enormous gold and ruled this planet since 1799 AD. Could it be explained in simple language. TRANSLATE TO VERNACULAR IF YOUR FRIENDS DONT KNOW ENGLISH. This inter-conversion of matter and energy was accepted by the modern science only after Einstein announced his equation (E=mc2). It analyzes the nature of knowledge and how it relates to similar notions such as truth, belief and justification. The first 25 prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97. HINDU WAY OF LIFE  VADAKAYIL, THE VEDAS AND hi vv,i do NOT allow my readers to use my comments window to write about AGHORIS -- the immoral trash you picked up on the free internet. Sufi legend has it, that the slogan or elating cry for the Supreme Being Alakh means A-Lakhshana was first coined by Rishi Dattatreya.Oh yes, now we have a Youtube guru Dattatreya who stays in USA, with a perpetual sick mug, who speaks good English in a monotone..I WILL NOT TAKE QUESTIONS – I HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE.capt ajit vadakayil.. Hi capt.There is no need to ask anymore questions, cuz I have expierenced he morphogenesis of Hinduism before my eyes now! The sound of the sea when you listen to the conch held to your ear is the sound of the Zero Point Field or Scalar Field or Brahman or OM. is it the end of just the body or that of one's mind+personality as well.if one's personality too dies what carries on the impressions of previous birth to the next? नमस्ते(off topic...) Sir, i was curious to learn about the concept of per my little understanding of advaita the universe in itself is a living organism which is nothing but Brahman manifesting itself in various forms so im nothing but just another manifestation of brahman, a small part of the universe like a Cell in a human body.. brahman, is what i am which is every thing and the only reality.. my thoughts, memories and personality are unreal.. so now the questions:what is death? because of an intelligent force which holds the spiralling atoms .

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