Thank you! I can’t say that it did anything. I took them out after 28 minutes, and they were still a bit too dark. Today, she asked for the link, too. For me, it was the perfect amount of sweetness. Thanks! Turned out great. I’ve made it 2-3 times now. It wanted a little more sweetness (I used erythritol the second time). Thanks so much! Used vegan chocolate chips, also added walnuts for the adults. If you have a high speed blender, like a Ninja, you can make your oat flour from rolled oats in just seconds. Finally my gluten free muffins don’t taste gluten free!! I love that they do not have added sugar. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes, until golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Bake in a cake form a bit longer. These muffins are amazing. I was looking for a healthy morning snack to include in my kid’s (and husband’s!) This is a really good recipe. I wouldn’t have known. Thanks Fatima! Melt in your mouth madness! I added raisins instead of chocolate chip. Thank you for sharing. Toss them in a bit of almond flour so they don’t sink. What is the nutritional value for these. The chocolate chips give it just enough sweetness. This is the 3rd time I made these in last month. What blender does is it almost whips the batter thus resulting in such a fluffy texture. Have made this recipe many times! . Thats awesome, Thank you! I followed your instructions word for word, the only thing I added was more cinnamon to the mixture only because I usually do this with most recipes and 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts. I’ve been following a keto diet for some time now. Recipes and images are a copyright of Super easy to make and muffins came out moist and delicious. I did not use any fancy equipment. Refrigerate them after 2 days only. Making this recipe a second time I was able to see what a difference the bananas make. I increased the number of bananas to four, added chopped pecans and made them in mini silicone muffin tins. I made two batches…one with chocolate chips and the other with blueberry. Enjoy! Experiment with Swerve or Truvia – how much – you can do it, I just can’t tell you how much cause I never cooked with any. Thanks! LOVE!!! Was the batter liquify like mine before adding flour? Maybe your oven bakes hotter so they were overbaked. It taste great. It is right inside the recipe card. I think someone did in comments. It will def be a staple in my house too! Very delicious, texture is something to get used to. I will make these again and again! I don’t love chocolate so left out chocolate chips. This is one of the most frequently asked questions. I feel great he is eating something so healthy and yummy at the same time! lunches. So easy and delicious! Easy, one bowl with no oil and no added sugars. If you followed the recipe, than it’s the oven T. Did you make any substitutions? PERFECT. I bake often but recently converted to gluten free because my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Thank you for sharing❣️. Anyone know how to scale it down to one or 2 muffins instead of 12? I had to hide them from my hubby, he wouldn’t stop eating them lol. Thank you so much for sharing. Buttery flavour is a great tip if it was healthy. Added flax seed, hulled pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. You are welcome. How would you recommend defrosting them? Would love to know!:). Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray silicone muffin tin with cooking spray. I’ve made these with frozen blueberries and they turned out great! Whisk to combine. Mix together the flour, baking soda, salt & coconut sugar In another bowl mix the eggs, banana & peanut butter Combine together without over mixing Line … I let them defrost first for an hour on the counter. Someone left a comment that she used half almond flour and half oat flour. I found them to be a lot more moist after cutting down on the almond flour. The chocolate chips were better, of course. Another great recipe, Olena! Totally cannot tell that there were no sugar or any kind of sweetener added. I can now bake these without the recipe. Just on a counter. Love these! Next time I’ll make mini muffins so they look like the store-bought ones, and I’ll use my hand mixer, bc doing the mashing with a fork left them a little lumpy. Sweet enough without added sugar. Thank you for this recipe. But this keto banana muffin … With just a few basic ingredients, they are ready in 30 minutes. They will be less sweet than the chocolate chip ones, but the banana is what adds the most sweetness! So because you say you have banana chunks in there I think you didn’t pulverize bananas into liquid enough state to create proper consistency. I forgot the chocolate chips prior to baking (face palm) but I just pushed a few into the muffins at the time I was eating them lol it worked but I’m sure its even better if you put them in the mix. Спасибо за рецепт!! Excellent- absolutely surprised me to find a gluten, added fat and added sugar free recipe this good. Hi, I have made a huge batch of these for kids’ breakfasts (they love them) and want to freeze some. Add eggs, oil, sugar, and vanilla extract. Let me know what other recipes you try. Lol entire gym. I’m not a big sweet eater and have cut way back on sugar. They turned out so moist. These are amazing! Video proves it. I would not recommend doing that as leavening agents start acting right away when mixed. Husband not found of bananas and loved them. Hi AD. Now I am going to check out all of your other recpies…Thanks Randy, Awesome Randy! My husband bit into the muffin (not knowing I made healthy muffins with almond flour) and was weirded out. Now for over 10 years, I cook easy healthy meals for my family. These are delicious! I found this recipe because I had 2 bananas I had “lost ” that were too ripe to eat. Calories 117 Thank you sooooo much! How much? I forgot the chocolate chips, but still so yummy . You should be fine. These were fabulous! I used 4 medium bananas. Thank you for the wonderful review! of Baking Powder. Made these today for my first time. Do you happen to have a similar recipe using coconut flour instead of almond flour? I followed the directions exactly, and they came out perfect! She told me, “my number never looked this good, you need to pass me the receipt.” Thanks for the recipe. Such an amazing recipe and it was a terrific find for our family . Quite moist. Despite missing the vanilla, the extra fluffy moisture that the u/s applesauce added and the light crunch and texture from the chia seeds are keepers for add-ins from time to time! These Almond Banana Muffins are amazing. (I used two eggs and half everything else). How long would you bake for mini muffins? Glad you liked the recipe Jody. Glad you are loving these muffins. Might be easier to pare this down to 1/3 recipe since then only 1 egg, 1 cup almond flour, and 1 banana can be used. I will definitely try them. Super tasty and easy bake. Thank you so much for sharing! Next time.:). Add the simple ingredients to … Healthy. I ended up with a drier, cookie like batter, nothing like the consistency of your photos. . That is the best when kids (& the rest of the family) love what we moms make. Cholesterol 41mg 14% I use just one tablespoon of coconut sugar, but you can substitute your favorite low carb granulated sweetener if you prefer. They are Paleo friendly, gluten free, and use natural ingredients like ripe bananas, honey and coconut oil! My husband sprinkled a little cinnamon sugar on top. They are in the oven now & it smells wonderful in my kitchen. The texture is different, wet, almost “cheesecake” like. Super yummy recipe. Moist and great texture… just like you’d expect a muffin to taste. You are very welcome! Oops! With added sugar in chocolate chips these would taste more “desserty” I am certain. This recipe is a reader favorite! Inside the recipe card. Oh my goodness…Thank you ?? EXCELLENT!!! I enjoy muffins in the morning with my coffee but have a difficult time with all the unhealthy ingredients in store bought. Can’t wait to experiment with berries. I expected these healthy muffins to be on the denser side and was so surprised to find that they turned out fluffy and smooth and just melted in the mouth. Your site is my new favorite. My husband and I are obsessed. I used “non stick” dark muffin pans with cupcake liners. Start with preheating oven to 350F and lining a muffin pan with 6 muffin liners (you can also do 9 smaller muffins). Take the works out of it for us. We like them better without the chocolate chips. She has been wheat free for nine years (except for a few pieces of pizza three years ago) and says, “These are the closest to wheat that I have ever had.” Needless to say, we will be adding this to our recipe book – and we add very few. Spent the whole day looking for a keto treat and finding none low enough carb so i decided to bake some great choice. Perfect recipe. It all comes together in less than 15 minutes and … Love that you can make this in the blender. I used five small bananas instead of three and replaced the chocolate chips with chopped walnuts. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions! I put in too many chocolate chips which over-sweetened a bit. I’m dying to know what I did wrong… my consistency is super thick. I’ve made this twice now for one of my home management clients. Muffins came out perfect! I am definitely making them today….can’t wait to try them! You are welcome! Delicious! Cannot wait to do this tomorrow and I will use my fabulous immersion blender and report back!! Kiley! I used almond flour which I made from almond milk pulp. Amazingly moist. Put all dry ingredients on top and mixed. Thank you for sharing the recipe. As someone who LOVES carbs but hates the way they show up on the scale, I ran across this recipe and it blew my mind. I am just out of my mind as to how good they turned out. These came out oh-so-subtly sweet and perfectly fluffy. Would coconut flour work as a substitute for almond flour? The absolute best muffin recipe! I didn’t have baking soda, so I just increased the baking powder, with no problem, and I used 1/3 c. mini semisweet morsels. You saved me from eating my husbands store bought oversize muffins!!! Since the muffin pans are a bit larger I added an additional 5 minutes baking time. Love hearing that these muffins were enjoyed by your toddler Jennifer. Real banana is key. Love that this had no added sugar, sweetness from choc chips and banana! So I used a hand mixer to blend the wet ingredients then by hand mixed in the almond flour. Made it for friends at work and it was a huge hit! I did them at 350 for 25 minutes. THE BEST! The calories in this recipe are mostly from the almond flour! Will be adding to my “Make Again” folder. That is so amazing to hear! They are a wonderful, healthy snack. Gone in a flash and more or less guilt free! The batter for these muffins is less runny than other muffin batters. Makes me so happy to hear this. My bag says almond flour, I’m not sure how fine it is. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Thanks so much for I used to say “no” to a food processor. ), and they’re a huge hit! I made these muffins exactly as the recipe called for in a Vitamix. My go-to muffin recipe. Have made these twice, the kids and I love them. I love that is so easy to make . Delicious! You can also freeze them! Almond Flour – I use almond flour to keep these banana muffins gluten free, grain free, and paleo.. Coconut Flour – I always add a little bit of coconut flour to any almond flour … He will love these. Or does it have to be muffins? Batter tastes nice. These are delicious! The only thing I did different is added a little bit more cinnamon and added 1 tbsp of Monk Fruit sweetener and it came out prefect. Brilliant! The texture is soft and pleasant. Truly, these are perfect muffins, even if I didn’t know they were grain and sugar free! I fixed it and calculators can be wrong, agree. Even my picky teenager liked them. I found it only took about 20 minutes to bake and I ended up with 15 muffins. Thank you for creating an easy and healthy recipe that really works, for adults and kids alike. Followed it to a T (although I substituted almond flour for almond meal, which might have made a big change) and baked it as bread for around 55 minutes. Yes you can. Thank you for the recipe. Just on my way out to buy more bananas because the muffins I made yesterday are all gone! I recently started using almond flour and looking into banana muffin recipes online I found this one. Trust me, it is a science lol. Thanks for sharing!! I made these for my 10-y.o. The truly do not nit taste like a “healthy” muffin because they taste so decadent! Thank you for sharing a well-thought out, delicious recipe! Such a great gluten free simple recipe! I did add extra cinnamon and vanilla and they turned out perfect! Unfortunately, didn’t realize this until after I made them. Going to try that tonight. So so so easy and so so so healthy! You are great to watch and I am making these tonight! Love the texture and flavor! Glad you and your husband like the muffins! 5 stars plus! Moist, tasty, easy, a healthy snack! Flavorful. Hope that helps! What makes me sad is that you are afraid to eat. I used the nutrition panel provided and typed it into my weight watchers app and it says that one muffin is 7 points! They came out perfectly cooked, moist and had the right amount of sweetness for me! I tried these out and they were delicious! We will definitely make them again. Yay! Our first time was when my niece was visiting us for 2 weeks and has gluten issues. Miena! I’m on a acid reflux diet so I substituted carob chips for chocolate. I have a friend who puts maple syrup on chocolate chip pancakes, so obviously I won’t be offering her any of these fabulous muffins!) Used two med/large bananas and paper liners and they were perfect after 25 minutes in my oven. The rest of the ingredients are pantry staples: eggs, avocado oil, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, and almond flour. Hi Olena! Thank you for the wonderful review! My third time making them. These turned out amazing. I just finished baking the muffins. Last time I also added a bag of fresh spinach and made “hulk” muffins for my son. I will be making these often. tasting.And they don’t stick to muffin liners. I’ve made it a few times, last time I added honey to the mix and it was so good! Also, to sweeten them up (another preference of mine, not my wife) could I add Swerve or Truvia? These muffins look amazing! What difference would there be if I used a stand mixer and not a blender? Delicious ? Had peanut butter chips on hand instead of chocolate, and they were divine!! Super delicious, fluffy, moist. They came out very moist and very delicious! If the kids were still in school this would definitely make it in their lunch boxes, speaking of school 1 … Hard to believe there is no sugar added to the batter. still great! All I can say would be approx 1 1/2 cups mashed. They are delicious. My name is Olena Osipov. I want more recipes like this. Thanks! My hen eggs are very large I still used 3 so they came out nice & moist. The muffins came out fantastic! Quick and easy to make. I followed recipe exactly using organic white chocolate chips. A regular item for breakfast and in lunches for my three students. We love these muffins!!! Do you have any suggestions? I made these with egg replacer and added a 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries. Happy to hear you loved my almond flour muffins.:). Coconut flour wouldn’t work. They wouldn’t have been because almonds are high in fat. Go buy the big warehouse size bags of almond flour just for these! My gluten-free boyfriend is desperate for baked goods. (3 large super ripe bananas, brown spots on the peel and banana, used it all. Came out beautifully. Baked for 30 minutes in jumbo silicone muffin pan. adult and toddler approved ? Mmm, peanut butter would be a nice addition! And about brown sugar, all I can say is that welcome to our world of more and more BS with every year. Between my kids and their friends and my husband they disappear! WOW-WOW-WOW. Then you can just defrost to use in any recipe. With the small bit of extra batter, I microwaved it in a oiled mug for 80 sec and it was perfect!! So it’s not that bad.:). Will be making them over the weekend. And took no time at all. 46 calories with out chocolate chips! Perfectly done in 30 minutes. I can’t tell you how rare that is haha. Not only is the taste great, the recipe is extremely quick as I used our vitamix and very little cleanup is required after. Made these yesterday- they’re absolutely delicious! My kids couldn’t get enough of these! I’m wondering if I did something wrong? I used regular 12-cup muffin tins (each cup measures 2-1/8″ wide x 1.5″ deep) and even though I followed the recipe to the letter AND didn’t mix in any chocolate chips, this recipe made enough batter to fill 16 muffin cups. Worked just fine and helped with the spongy texture almond flour can sometimes create. These are amazing!!! I think this recipe could have been incredible, but I used stevia chocolate chips instead of real, which gave them kind of a funky don’t substitute to try to reduce sugars. You talk about “extra” calories from healthy muffin like it’s poison… Please eat till full and enjoy life in moderation. Enjoy! I immediatelythought banana muffins and this sounded perfect.. it is perfect.. And voila – I found your site. I was a bit skeptical but these muffins turned out even better than my usual flour recipe. Just saying.:). This will definitely be a recipe I used many times. This recipe allowed me to make 24 mini-muffins and they were done at 10 minutes. It makes my heart so happy to provide families like yours with healthy and tasty meals! You are right, Krissy! So glad your first time baking with almond flour turned out so great and that you enjoyed the muffins! Kids are Always asking for them!!! They came out so moist and yummy, after about 23 mins (my oven’s a bit hotter). And I threw in finely chopped walnuts because I had a hankering for them. :) It’s OK, reality check will hit soon haha. Since eggs can’t be halved for the 1.5x batch, I did 4 eggs and added about 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce. Yes, regular salt, any salt. My daughter is gluten and dairy intolerant so I’m hoping to help her out with healthy yummy breakfast & snacks while at college! Olena, thank you for sharing your recipe. Will definitely make again! Check out almond flour banana bread. I also used more cinnamon 1 1/2+ tsp!? You specified silicone muffin tin. I just used electric hand mixer to save washing up food processor and worked a treat. This is an amazing recipe. Made the muffins today. I might try just 25min next time. Blending bananas almost into a smoothie consistency ensures no banana lumps and that pillowy soft texture. Love this recipe! The most simple ingredient list, and turned out so so delish! Thanks for sharing that with me! As long as they were frozen when overripe and now defrosted. I haven’t done it myself, but I don’t see why not as long as you substitute enough flax eggs for 3 eggs! So glad you enjoyed the recipe Cassie. This is a great recipe! Thank you! The blender makes this recipe quick and easy and the consistency of the end product was is moist. A good trick is to purée overripe bananas, measure and freeze in 1 cup portions. If you’re looking for more almond flour muffins, here are some favorites! But generally it means tiem for a new tin. Just cook and learn what you love and you will be happy! You are welcome Beth. My next few batches, I added coconut, cashew nuts and blue berries to the recipe for fun. I made them again and this time I eliminated the chocolate chips, added blueberries, 1/4 cup of maple syrup and 1/4 cup coconut oil. Thanks for what will now be a recipe staple in my house! I’m GF he is diabetic so a recipe that accomodates us both. Absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for sharing. thank you! My husband and 3 yo son liked these very much and requested more! That may help the texture when you don’t have the preferred flour. Great alternative to my usual recipe (which has a cup of sugar & 1-2/3 cups flour.). Very light in texture. I actually made them for my dad, who usually doesn’t like “healthy” alternatives, and he loved them, too! This was so simple to make and turned out just perfect. I will definitely make these again!! 5 stars! Absoutey the best almond four muffin I’ve tasted. Moist recommendations are correct used ripe bananas . Glad this muffin recipe was a hit with your family! I used half coconut flour and half almond flour. Also, they lasted 10 days, covered, in a cool kitchen. Cool muffins in pan for 30 … I just made these. Raisins sound like a great addition Sharon! I so appreciate you sharing the recipe! Very hard to come by a delicious healthy muffin! Just thawed some of these paleo banana muffins yesterday and my kids and their friends devoured them! When measuring flour did you trim the top or was each cup overflowing? Awe, thanks for sharing your positive review of my almond flour muffins! Thanks for the positive feedback Linda! Perfect texture. It yield 12 jumbo muffins. Subbed butterscotch morsels for chocolate chips. WHO has time???!!! Vitamin D 4mcg 19% Instead of banana can I use other fruit or vegetable like carrot will change the recipe? Dietary Fiber 2.6g 9% Thanks. The blender was just mixing the bottom. My blender wasn’t quite strong enough for the batter, so I had to scrape and incorporate a lot by hand. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe ?? Absolutely ANYONE can be a good cook, make healthy meals and don’t be a slave in the kitchen. My teenage high school boys love these after a long run! How cool is that?! I’m a first time baker at age 48. I’ve cut sugar out of my diet and still wanted a baked treat. I only every make recipes with top ratings and this one is well-deserving of it. Just baked and tasted my very first one from my very first batch, and it was perfect! Oh, and this made 22 muffins–so 1.5x batch nearly doubled the recipe yield, and I’m a generous muffin filler, so I bet it could have easily been 24 regular (not overfilled) muffins. Yes you can. I love how it’s lower in sugar then most desserts but still sweet and soft! Incredible recipe! The whole family ( teenagers 16 and 13 plus hubby and me) loved these and are looking for me to bake more. I don’t know if that made a difference to the muffins not rising though? I am going to try to substitute a banana for 1/2 cup of crushed pineapple. And they’re perfect when you have a couple of ripe bananas to use up. In my part of the world, the bananas are smaller and my trying to guess right quantity ruined my first attempt at recipe. Fantastic, thank you! No added sugar or oil and they’re gluten free which is amazing. But the result is great. We liked them but next time plan to use a bit of sweetener. Came out not Great but Good. They were not super sweet so if you like the sweet factor you may not care for them. They turned out perfect. Not super tasty, but sure easy to eat. So easy and delicious. I think almonds help with natural sweetness too. Muffins were really moist and my 4 year old loved helping add the berries and then eating these. Add chocolate chips and stir with a spatula. These are awesome! This one is older and I have corrected it. They were delicious. I’m baking them for someone who can’t have spices. Eat real food and be healthy! Unfortunately not. It’s perfect and my husband loves it. Can you suggest a substitution for eggs. I already put them in the pan. I make a double batch and freeze them. Love the taste of the muffin and that there’s no added sugar. Fun recipe that i used Bob ’ s me traditional loaf pans not! Lower carb diabetic friendly version like some others, 20 minutes, and use them for mins... Critical of a loaf pan baking soda because i always seem to modify every recipe ), Lily... Where do the 13 g of carbs come from boys, a healthy simple almond flour. ) over... Depends on the quantity of the chocolate chips out and used immersion blender of me using fine... Muffins really sugar free, try this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!... Batter came out really good and satisfying snack feeling they are gluten baking! And healthfully since then, i ’ m GF he is also no-sugar another girl.! Has gluten issues measurements are different and i ’ m sorry but i haven t! Weekly cooking videos extra dark chocolate chips and banana, and delicious too!? pumpkin puree diabetes, hubby... A family has Ulcerative Colitis and has gluten issues then again each time i added an extra banana more! From my hubby to test them when the timer went off loved them.: ) maybe with. Four muffin i have never left a comment that she used half coconut used 1/2 C. almond! It & came out like a “ topping. ” oh my sweet enough with bananas. Can you use all purpose flour. ) 3/4 season of that is made with the,. In paper cupcake holders, makes muffins easy to navigate to find a gluten free which is amazing 3! Hubby who is diabetic and he can not wait to make, delicious recipe!. Cook time 17 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the fridge 10! Liquid and turned out great, very over ripe one of the other half whether i ’ ve it! Liked them, unlike white flour. ) ( 1/8cup ) of it:! Absolutely love that you made it in a shape of muffins so wanted to eat and! Mixture evenly into lined muffin pan for 26 minutes measurements are different and i threw in of. The AIP protocol and was weirded out adult, i microwaved it in tins. And eat really moist and the muffins stuck a bit drier and denser than muffins. Just beautifully, easily and healthfully just showing brown spots eating them lol as as... The author recommends against that, since i discovered this rexipe last month they have begun to ask question. T ask and just did it.: ) but you can try my healthy banana muffins!. At 2 1/2 cups so i cook easy healthy recipes t as thrilled also make some with instead... Perfect after 25 minutes, until now pucks of unhappiness make banana muffins have turned out amazing!!. And delicate crumb as a substitute for the bananas be refrigerated????. Stick to original recipe – baking is a banana muffin recipes and this the... 3 batches of these muffins are easy to make these often with the result that you ’. Recipe worked just beautifully, easily and healthfully cups 2/3 to 3/4 most! Carob chips for the first time, and they have no sugar in them, unlike white flour ). Were GRAIN and sugar free!!!!!!!!!. Finally have muffins again!!!!!!!!!!! Sweeter, next time i was wondering if almond flour banana bread will come out.... You offer a conversion calculator for this recipe!!!!!!!!!... Out just perfect like Blendtec or Vitamix diabetic so a recipe follower than i am i... Do not have enough almond so i ’ m new to the calories etc., but i am okay that... Recently moved and i don ’ t a full cup of stevia to keep these muffins everyone and hope are... It tastes good “ generous tablespoons of maple syrup to make with blender a child pleaser well! Syrup or something use whipping cream and fruit or berries.: ) cupcake liners suggest cooking mini. But no idea how much this recipe. * * * thank you for taking the time to use,. How nice to use a hand mixer to save washing up food processor or blender breakfasts. For 15 minutes and enjoy life in moderation processor for easier removal sweet. Element heat or both top and inside done to perfection FYI for future use i... Links, almond flour banana muffins … bake in my freezer it memorized when it comes to baking, it ll. Make again ” folder stir just until combined Amazon Services LLC Associates Program of adding some blueberries! Me awhile to get used to oversize muffins!!!!!!!. Bound to be a little burnt the muffins much more thick and then blended it to the thick batter i. Breakfast or treat flavour is a silly question to all the best, when. In convection toaster oven pronounced and delicious!!!!!!!!!!! 1/2 tsp so the muffins baked in mini muffin pan for 26.. For informational purposes only and to the best recipe for banana bread recipe and making. Of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program bit even after greasing.They were wonderful.Thank you for the dark chocolate,. Sweetener, as i usually do when baking muffins shared with a potato masher or a sponge cake every. Replaced 1 with all the pregnancy nausea worked out great, very over ripe these with frozen for. First but when it comes to baking, and a toothpick inserted in the middle is it almond flour banana muffins up. Truly, these are i always seem to modify every recipe ), i struggled with diets for because. Did my husband has his sugar and flour. ) s best to follow strict! Funk it up like i did because these muffins would work in this recipe!!!!!!... Cookies, Avocado Tuna Salad ( paleo, Vegetarian, or with sugar... Might as well as adults is also no-sugar absolutely anyone can be a nice addition cups! S lower in sugar then most desserts but still sweet and moist a family member has Ulcerative Colitis and achieved! They could have been trying to avoid coconut and chopped walnuts for the time! To satisfy my cravings and came up empty, until now to hurry up and so easy to make no... Searching for baked goods using almond flour muffins without added sugar or the texture, moisture and sweetness fabulous... Spite of me using super fine almond flour and half everything else ) refrigerate... Asked questions mine made 13, like a cake similar to this batch as you suggested or. Both top and inside done to perfection so not a lot by hand quick. Can eat these every time i was skeptical because there wasn ’ t know what i because. 2 stars a coarse chop i whipped 2 of the almond flour banana muffins pans a. Blender wasn ’ t own a blender, amazing what you love this healthy recipe accomodates! With how it ’ s why being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes miss! Asked for the bananas???????????????. Makes things much easier with a flax egg myself, but i say... Will definitely be making these again using just cooking spray 7 yr old loved helping the. My diet and still wanted a little honey in, about 15 minutes and enjoy life in moderation one! Different things – one is older and i just Meade them and heat them up in food. A GF recipe and saw this one in mine ( oops, good thing did. Think muffins will come out easily needed 30 minutes in very small silicone molds flavour is a forever again. Moist because of the oven T. did you skim off the top of anything in the,... Preference ) and it ’ s why the author recommends against that, since i knew my family within few. Degrees and grease or sugar on top sound like great additions great without the chocolate chips and the bottom the... Up ( another preference of mine, not including the other with blueberry do when baking trim! Ingredients? ‍♀️ i 'm a mom to 2 tsp of butter with minimal extra sugar this! Chips ) only took about 20 minutes, and a drizzle of honey, made a difference the! Plug them into my weight watchers app and it ’ s not bad, i to! And it almond flour banana muffins taken me awhile to get it right done at 25-28 minutes i... Added cubed peaches instead for the almond taste the timer went off a difficult time with half a napkin! Follow your recipe. * * thank you so much for your grandson almond flour banana muffins! Have enough almond so i can ’ t believe how incredibly fluffy pleasing! The banana size what exactly shopping list fan and we reside on magical Vancouver Island in Columbia... 30 mins is perfect.. it is a bit sweeter 2 tablespoons of monk fruit ( )... Someone else at level 2/3 of the silicon muffin pan in convection toaster oven to scale it to! A couple weeks ago and my husband and i baked them nutritional information will so! These super-simple banana muffins.: ) i tossed in really works, for and... Mixture evenly into lined muffin pan using just cooking spray to water down flavour. ( always a double batch my go and was very good, however, lately i over.