Must select product category below. FLOE products are sold and serviced through a professional dealer network across the USA and Canada. Considering FLOE, Shoremaster, and DH dock and cedar or vinyl (Brock) decking. It came in around 11.5K cash and carry. $175 to assemble and me pickup. › Floe Docks Reviews › Best Docks For Rivers › Ez Dock Reviews › V Dock Reviews. Gorgeous shore front appeal2. If you tie up a 22 foot pontoon and it gets rough out the wave action will cause the boat to buck, and the dock to buck and bend/fallout/smash. I priced a Floe (arguably similar quality to Shorestation) VSD5000 with 28' canopy and 3 bunks (fast - similar to shorestation in operation, but uses a screw vs hydraulic ram). “My greatest testimonial from a FLOE customer,” Gray says, “came from an elderly lady in Thunder Bay [Ontario] at a boat show. Love it. Essentially, it’s a brain for your boat lift—turning the device into a “smart” lift. Thru Flow Decking is the best and safest way to deck your dock in areas with large waves or high winds...even hurricane winds. 63 reviews of V-Dock (R & D Manufacturing Inc.) from Forest Lake, MN . Will likely go with manual though still considering electric/solar. Debating between FLOE, Shoremaster, and Pier Pleasure vertical lifts. Rock solid stability3. Jet Dock Universal Boat Dock/BoatLift High-density, 20-inch polyethylene cubes, each with more than 200 pounds of buoyancy, are the key to the Jet Dock’s success. Buy FLOE Docks locally in St Croix Falls. As for longevity, ask your dock dealer for references. Zero maintenance. We sell all models of FLOE Aluminum Docks, Boat Lifts, Trailers and parts. 36" x 12" Thru Flow Legacy Series Outdoor Marine Grade Decking. Sunstream Tech Package – The new Tech Package from Sunstream, also introduced at the Miami show, isn't a single lift; it’s a system that works with and improves Sunstream’s entire line. An annual spring power washing makes it look like I … With a wide variety of modular components, roll-in dock options, and sizes, your dock can be customized to fit your needs. FLOE has a full line of products from boat lifts and trailers, to docks and Varatti boats. 4X16' Alum-Grain (Wood Grain) Aluminum Rolling DockWheel Kits are additional, Shallow, Medium and Deep Wheel Kits are $418.00 6 Reasons why more people buy FLOE modular roll in aluminum docks than any other in the world!1. She said she purchased her FLOE dock system 20 years ago, and her three neighbors laughed at her as she paid more than they did for their new docks. Floe International manufacturer high quality aluminum docks, boat lifts, recreational and utility trailers as well as Afina and Varatti boats. ThruFlow™ is designed to be the decking surface for a dock, pier, deck, patio, or any outside or inside flooring structure. When your dock needs storage for the winter, FLOE roll-in docks are easily compactable with its sectional docking. Looking for recommendations on lifts & docks. Now Easiest to level4. FLOE roll-in docks are made from aluminum and can easily attach with their Quick-Connect System. Floe dock sections “float” meaning they use a quick connect system where the sections aren’t bolted riggedly together. Modul FLOE Docks: FLOE Roll In Docks, Sectional Aluminum Docks and FLOE Floating Docks are sold at St Croix Dock, serving Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is for MN so has to be removed each year. Had my roll-in V-dock since 2012. Didn't get installed price. Five Alternative Boat Docks | Boating Magazine.