It may be a little unfair to compare these two speakers. Despite the Beam's smaller size, it still delivers rich audio all throughout the room and works best for small and medium-sized spaces. Lover of coffee, Disney, food, video games, writing, and photography. Unsurprisingly, given its relatively diminutive dimensions, the Beam has the fewest drivers, with one tweeter and four full-range, elliptical woofers working with three passive bass radiators. The powerful drivers will make the room shake with sound, and it works in both flat and upright positions without ever having audio distortion. The addition of Dolby Atmos surround sound. The Playbase has the same number of tweeters and mid-range drivers as the Playbar, but also has a separately amplified, innovatively S-shaped woofer for its bass frequencies. Sonos Playbar is designed to deliver full theater-quality sound to large rooms in your home. In fact, it delivers one of the most convincing Atmos presentations of any soundbar we’ve heard. Winner: Sonos Beam. Support for practically every music streaming service under the sun, the ability to work with other Sonos speakers in a multi-room set-up, and the option to add two of the company’s music speakers (the Play:1, One, One SL, Play:3 or Play:5) as surrounds and/or the Sub for extra bass are all here. Price may be a big factor when considering which product to purchase. The big news on the Arc? Plus, the audio quality is still great for what it's worth. (85 x 900 x 140 mm), Requires Echo or Echo Dot with Sonos skill, Only if another speaker that has it is grouped with Playbar, Small and compact size that delivers big, rich sound. Not wall-mounting the Playbar makes its shape even more awkward. The official Playbar wall mount (£39/$39/AU$60) is cheaper than that of the Beam (£59/$59/AU$89), while some buyers have found they need no bracket at all. And it shows in the final results. Built-in Alexa integration in Beam also makes it a better choice for those who want to simplify things. On balance, the Sonos Beam is the pick of the three current models, so it's perhaps no surprise that it will soon sit on its own alongside the Arc as the two Sonos TV speakers to choose from in the new-look range. The Arc, Beam and the Playbase have AirPlay 2 support, bringing with it the ability to create multi-room systems with speakers from multiple brands. The good news is that those Sonos S2 software plans won't affect buyers of the the Arc, Beam, Playbar or Playbase. It's also the most musical of the quartet, capable of handling big dynamic shifts without breaking a sweat, and conveys plenty of subtle texture. All rights reserved. Please refresh the page and try again. That it misses out on AirPlay 2 will be a deal-breaker for some. But given the Beam’s compact size, it’s only built with five amplified drivers—four woofers for mid and low frequencies, plus one tweeter for … The bigger Playbar has nine, individually amplified drivers: three tweeters and six midrange drivers. Update: thanks for the help , I bought a playbase. What’s more, its compact dimensions make it far easier to find space for and its more advanced features, voice control in particular, make it extra compelling. Unlike the Playbar, the Arc can't be positioned on either its front or side – it's oriented the same way regardless of positioning (the bespoke Sonos wall-mount is a £79/$79/AU$99 optional extra), and even automatically adjusts its frequency response accordingly. Sonos Beam vs. Sonos Playbar The best smart speakers for 2021 Sonos Arc review: A solid soundbar for the Dolby Atmos era The best soundbars for … While Sonos has two great products with the Beam and Playbar, the Beam is the overall better option for most people because of its size, sound quality, built-in Alexa support, integration with AirPlay 2, and price. Comparison of Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbar based on specifications, reviews and ratings. We love great, high quality audio. The Arc also adds eARC support, to ensure it can handle those Dolby Atmos signals from TVs that can output it. Just remember that it costs almost twice as much as the Beam, although the price is justified by the sound quality. Minimalist styling is once more the name of the game, but the little speaker’s elongated pill shape and mesh wrap combine to make something that looks just a little bit classier and more stylish.