Or could this be a future investment? My preference is bananas (illustrated on your link), I find them quicker to plug in. Very useful. I currently have a Dansette Bermuda MK2 which I love for all sorts of reasons. From the off, I could tell that the Planar 1 offered a reduced noise environment. In those terms, the Planar 1 sets itself up as the standard which every other budget turntable seeks to emulate. I have the Planar 1, which I did just have plugged into a cheap phono pre-amp and then into my avr system used for tv surround sound. There is very little more that I can suggest Rosie, other than returning the turntable to your retailer and, if you want a replacement, demanding that they set up the replacement in the shop and prove to you that it ain’t gonna happen again. It offers great value and sound quality. I don’t care for CD-like cleanliness, but i need an engaging, live performance, if you know what i mean. And it’s worth it. Many thanks for the reply, Paul. Be very cautious buying from this seller! They offer great value, though and the Onkyo amp modules are decent. Isnt it better for a beginner in the vinyl world like me that i have an eletronic speed change? Not too sure about that first bit Benoit but I’ll try to help Firstly, have you tried a local dealer or retail source? In the end I decided to buy the rega planar 2 with Carbon cartridge: it sounds divine, a beautiful choice. I was planning on getting a Planar 1 outputting into a Fono-Midi A2D. Again i dont know about Bi-Wiring it seems some people prefer and improves on certain setups but what i have read still not quite sure, Cambridge say they dont offer Bi Wiring on any of their speakers but Q Acoustics must think its worthy to include i guess.. Hi Marc – For this system, price point and technology, I wouldn’t bother with bi-wiring. and an amp and speakers. Thank you. I assume you’ll be wanting 3m of the stuff and plugs fitted at the ends. I write from Poland using a Google translator, so I apologize for the mistakes. or do you still recommend the fono in addition ? The Chord Mojo does feature inputs though. Thanks Now I see other posts saying to pick up the Q Acoustic 3020 speakers to pair but they dont appear to be sold in Canada or at least not for the reasonable price they are in the UK. As the Rega Brio has the built in phono stage would that not be good enough ? I don’t have a phono stage at the moment, so that would be an additional purchase. I have gotten back into vinyl after many years – in my youth in the 70’s & 80’s I had a reasonable system with Wharfedales & JVC’s etc but as time progressed these became redundant and I followed the trend and purchased Home theatre systems and plugged in my extra ‘bits. That said, don’t forget, what you’re not seeing are the many more Rega uses who do not have problems. Also tell me where everything is in terms of shelving, positioning, what’s placed next to what, that kinda thing. Thanks a lot for the very quick feedback, Paul. Anyway— the Rega sounds interesting but I’m a little baffled by them putting a $50 cartridge with a conical stylus on this and their next upgrade model. I am very much learning here and slightly over-whelmed. Any advice for my 400€ tournable? Fantastic Sound - Horrible Pitch Stability, Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020. Couple of questions, though, before I let you go. The only good internal phono amp I’ve ever heard was in a £5k Moon pre-amp/streamer and Moon spent a lot of time and effort on phono amp isolation (well, there’s been two but the last was the Moon). The P1 was upgraded in 2010 with a Phenolic resin platter. I’m guessing I’ve listened to around 600-700 hours worth of music on it. My old Rega Planar 2 is now looking decidedly battered and bruised, and almost certainly needs a new drive motor. The new RB110 includes a brand new security latch to keep a tight hold of the arm when it’s ‘in dock’, as it where. Do you have a link? Also I’m not sure what cables I would need so if you could recommend that would a big help too, since I am a bit clueless! But it was definitely a weird start. The 6000CDT from Audiolab and the best DAC you can afford (iFi? ), mid-century jazz (Blue Note, Brubeck, etc.) Hi Paul, Please try again. Come back and talk to me then, if you like , Hi Paul, you will recall that I did in the end purchase the Planar 3 to replace my Planar 1 and am very happy with it. The Planar 1 is pretty much a completely new turntable compared to the RP1, the only things kept the same are the drive belt, sub platter and dust cover. Also, if in the end I decide to go for the Planar 3, would extra money be better spent on upgrading the phono pream (so from the C. Audio 551 P to the Rega Fono MM MK3 or even the Project Tube Box S2) or in getting a better cartridge than the Elys 2 the Planar 3 comes with (for instance, the Rega Exact)? Also, i suppose the big change will not be brought so much by the change in the amp but by moving from the Planar 1 to the Planar 3. Saying that, you’ll need to budget for an external phono amplifier. Hence, Rega is saying that spacers don’t really matter. Around the House: The best turntable you can afford is paramount here. Yes, I ship these turntables with hinged dust cover included. I’d upgrade the turntable later. 2 x Mission 760i hooked up to the Sonos Amp I’ve been eyeing on the Rega Planar 1 for a while now (and been comparing to Pro-ject Debut Carbon, Audio Technica LP120 and Teac TN300 back and forth..). Hello Paul, If i need to wait until next month or so to get it i will, I also remembered i have one of them little Pro-Ject amp boxes, and thinking if i need to wait few weeks that should enable me to get up and running as will get all the other stuff in a couple of days.. Can you access those? If cash is tight, I’d consider a Schiit pre and an XTZ Edge power. Hey Paul, I have been itching to get into vinyl for about a year now and this Christmas I decided to take the plunge! What is the Rega Planar 1? I have yet to compare both decks, Glenn but the Esprit is almost £200 more expensive than the Rega so I would expect the Pro-Ject to be superior in terms of sonics, knowing Pro-Ject as I do. I just got the Planar 1 and am very excited to get it hooked up. I also realize how there will always be something better, so I just want something I can be happy with to enjoy the music that I have on. The Rega will reveal truths about the rest of your hifi and bottlenecks may be revealed here. I even want to stretch my budget with €200-300. Meticulously designed with improved performance in mind, the Planar 1 just may live up to that proclamation. Budget: 300-500€ for a turntable + pre-amp but I could stretch a bit if necessary. When listening to Mr Tambourine Man by Judy Collins, she was actually there, in the listening room. For the speakers? You may be charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item's price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item. What you can do is buy a plate that fits under your arm and will lift it at the rear to compensate, making it level again : http://www.rega.co.uk/arm-height-adjustment-spacer.html. Thanks for your kind comments, Stuart. That may be a news item you’re referring to? Sorry Nuno – what I mean is that, by buying the Planar 1, you will then hopefully have extra funds to enable you to purchase the Fono. I’ll be running the new deck through my Adcom 555mkII w/ phono input. No problems with them. It did perform very well, but it left off one key feature - antiskate. Any thoughts please. Plug that into a Cambridge Topaz AM10 amplifier at $300: https://www.amazon.com/Cambridge-Audio-Topaz-AM10-Integrated/dp/B00803GSBO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1514311443&sr=1-1&keywords=Cambridge+Topaz+AM10 Thanks for the quick response! Pro-Ject and Audio Technica do sell turntables with the phono amp built in which saves cash (although the sound quality is reduced compared to an external model). Hi Stephen – can you click on the link kindly supplied by Paul above, check out the specs and let me know if that info helps you? I have a NAD C740 and Totem Staff speakers. Also, any thoughts on phono preamps? Thanks for the review. If you do buy and experience that, give me a shout. This is all a bit compromised by many years of family life and my old (and, to be fair pretty budget) HiFi separates being reprioritised to the back of the cupboard to the extent that I’ve lost the turntable, and the Sony amp (TA AX220) is pretty ceased up (certainly the left/right slider is very dodgy) … and I’m basically left with a pair of Mission 760i speakers. All that to say I’m very happy with the P2. Thanks for your time & replies its appreciated, i have realised how little i really knew about setups, but with help of this site\forum im a lot more educated I have slowed down and worked out priorities and is to get my Vinyl listening in order. Certainly my initial thoughts were to get a solid system with a good quality sound in one room … but then came the compromises and the realisation that as this is our main living room, it would have contention from other use … and a thought that it would be good to be able to listen elsewhere when necessary; which can also be used to stream music for parties etc. My father gave me his Technics SLB2 who is a nice one and work fine but i would like to go further with my records playing. The rest of my set-up is a Cambridge Audio 640 A Azur V.2 amp and a pair of Spica TC 60 (difficult to find now as the company went out of business some years ago). A Project RPM 3 turntable might be a better option for you, in that case Quilly. The Rega Planar 1 Turntable is the Rega RP1 replacement. Thanks for your comments Ignacio – just to confirm then, you’re looking to upgrade your amp *and* speakers? Would really appreciate any advice you may have. Instead, I was thinking of just upgrading my phono preamp. Total budget around £700 tops. You published a review of the Audiolab 6000 CDT last year. What you think? AmazonBasics 80W 2-Channel Class D Digital Power Amplifier - Multi-Zone Compatibility and Auto-Sensing Source Selection, AmazonBasics Digital Audio RCA Compatible Coaxial Cable - 4 Feet, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Firstly – thank you for an excellent site especially the reviews – very clear easy to read and understand ! General advice? Well done, your reviews are very accurate, honest, and informative…attributes it’s tough to find these days where so many reviews are driven by the marketing machine. I’ve read and through some local searches and I have narrowed it down to two, based on articles i’ve read; Rega Planar 1 (new unit going for RM1,350 in local Malaysian currency) vs Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC (used at RM1,400). So, I guess that it is a genuine hybrid desire … if pushed, I’d like to say the single room sound quality … but the internet networking adaptability is important too (I have a fair few quite grown up kids that would like to be able to take advantage of that side too! My favourite thing is how upgradable it is. Adjust the type of cable to your budget. Or if you’d suggest another around that price? A separate phono amplifier (and amplifier for that matter) will improve sound further, in case you’d like to upgrade in the future. If you can find one cheap enough, grab a RP1, it sounds excellent and will serve you well. I will connect to a HQ Phono preamp 220 (el cheapo). Hi Paul— Thank you for the in-depth review! Apart from the great reviews on the Brio as i now have the P1 i was focused on the Rega route and build a Rega system and have the benefits of looks and compatibility between them all , my first thoughts was i preferred the look of same brand and not mixing up and various shapes and finishes so that is coming into my conclusions also. I was looking at something around the £200-250 range depending if I can find a good deal on ebay. Can you stretch to £598 for the amp? Firstly, many thanks for that insightful review. The 3020s are very good too – so they would make a great purchase if you can find a cheap source – but, as a straight choice, the ‘i’ is the one to go for. The budget is flexible, I just do not want to spend too much if a smaller will do as well (I know it says nothing!). The new switch is still around the front left area but you can locate it underneath the platter instead to enhance the clean lines of the Planar 1’s piano black finish: it’s far more stylish than the textured vinyl of the original P1. Cartridge as well. i have a onkyo TXNR646 amplifer with phono and ground input. I’ve also contacted the shop I bought the turntable from but I wondered if there was anything you could advise? Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Immediate buyers remorse because the shipping material is single use and you are not likely going to get it back in the box for a return. Hi Sean – many thanks for your question. Hi James, I would spend less on the speakers and more on the turntable if vinyl is important to you. Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. I have worked within a range of industries, writing for hundreds of national magazines and newspapers in the UK, Europe and the USA covering: aviation, music, computer technology, computer gaming, hi-fi, mobile technology, home automation, lady’s lifestyle, plastic model making, antiques and more. My P1 arrived today & my concept 20s & Stands along with the Rega Fono on Tuesday. Maybe if just had cheap streaming option so in my head its there and majority of listening be on vinyl : ). Smart company. In the end, I’m looking for a component which is musically satisfying and with which I can live for some years. Yes, each speaker has a dedicated XLR and RCA input on its back. Hmmm – depends on how much money you’d like to spend here and which direction you’d like to go. I hope i gave you more insight in my “toughts” :). I’m struggling to get to like the look of the AM10. Each RCA cable (left/right) can travel from the Fono to each speaker. But in the end I had to return it because it simply cannot hold a steady pitch. Best! I will take a look for those speakers. I’ve even got a slightly used Denon DL-160 from my old Linn I could use. I like that it doesn’t have a digital display. They’ll be waiting, if you change you mind. It’s given me sterling service since the 70’s but I’m thinking of purchasing the Planar 1 and given that the amp was considered to be at the top of the heap for budget amps back then, do you think it will get the best out of the Rega. I’d advise to grab the best QED cables (you can buy them on Amazon too) that you can afford. From what I hear or have read, the main differences between the Elex and the Elicit are of course the power and also the greater sense of detail and transparency you get with the Elicit. Regas are quite expensive in the US, I see, relative to their price in the UK. I began by testing the Rega Plus using its built in phono amplifier against various low cost, Chinese-made sub-budget turntables using their own built-in phono amplifiers and the Plus won, hands down, sonically, in every frequency area. … am I missing a trick or going down the wrong track with the Sonos stuff? Offering better value for money for a first time turntable. A Pro-Ject MM phono amplifier from Amazon is good. In that sense, would the Brio be capable of doing this? If you can, connect the two with a pair of QED interconnects at £19: https://www.amazon.co.uk/QED-Profile-Audio-Cable-1-m/dp/B004XKHGYQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1514295020&sr=1-1&keywords=qed+cable yes, they are built in. The Rega Plus will slot in well and provide you with a good front end for your vinyl and I’m sure that your aged speakers will cope. The P1 had a simple anti-skate setting arrangement but removing anti-skate totally also removes yet more worries from the beginner. I also was having a look on the Cambridge site and the CXA-60 does look really nice in their photos and matching streamer. Outperforms everything in it's class and way above. All QED are good, though, so don’t worry about it too much. I agree that the sound bar is the weak point. Glad you’re enjoying the deck! To complicate things more I also wish to use the same passive speakers as outputs from the iMac also in the office. Tidal, Spotifiy, etc), streaming facilities and the like at a relatively low cost. Thanks for your help, Paul! Hi Ignacio – yes, the Planar 3 is the better of the two. Regards, That said, in audiophile terms, for the £450 it costs (and if you have that cash I’d encourage you to push it to £600), I could point you in a more audiophile direction. You’d need a pair of interconnects to go from the phono amplifier to the main amp. When I connect it all up should I still go into the amplifiers phono inputs from the Fono Mini A2D or should I just go into one of the aux inputs (as the Fono Mini would replace the amplifiers inbuilt phono stage?). This was done with two different records. Perhaps that should be the next component to upgrade? Actually, I’m not thinking of upgrading my Planar 3 turntable at least for some years (I’ve only had it since March) as I’m pretty satisfied with it having moved from my previous a Planar 1. Rega is a bit on the quirky side re. Hi Paul! The built-in version you might see sitting inside an amplifier is fine but it’s bombarded by adjacent electronic-based noise from other gizmos installed alongside. Thanks for your questions, Mark. I went for the Planar 2 and the Topaz. Congratulations for Your articles and comments. I can however see “seconds” 3020is for around £150 on ebay. The Mani is excellent, Ignacio, but the higher cost of the Rega adds a bit of extra sound quality. I can’t seem to find information on this, or how to accomplish it online. That is why it seems to me that if I go now for a phono amp such as for instance the Rega Fono MM MK 3 and later on (in about 6 months) for a good amplifier (I’m thinking of the Rega Elex or the Elicit but it could be another brand/model), I run the risk of the phono preamp being redundant. It was a news item. Great! Buying a P1 and I have an old Pioneer SX-980 (original owner). The Mani is excellent, here is my review: https://theaudiophileman.com/schitt-mani/ It has a built in headphone amp and it supports Chromecast Built-In, Apple Airplay, TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (AptX HD), Internet Radio, UPnP (hi-res streaming) and is Roon Ready. Hello Paul– Of the set build budget, therefore, every penny counts. Ah, my apologies, Sean. Actually, I was thinking of the Cambridge amp. So, I’d recommend taking the plunge. Hi T.K. How does the Planar 3 measure up to the Project The Classic for instance? I actually found it for £328, which is one of the reasons I gave it consideration. I’m lost on what to do!! I advice would go directly to the Rega Planar 2 and go updating little by little? You don’t *need* a phono amplifier (I guess that’s you mean) because the Topaz offers one built in. Also, get the Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge along with the Schiit Mani preamp to go with it and you will have the holly trio of a semi-budget vinyl system! hi all, That is, speakers with the amplifier built into the speakers themselves. Dear Paul, So will order my Amp next pay day in couple of weeks and be up and running.. i so want to listen to the P! Now with preset bias force on the brand new RB110 tonearm, the Planar 1 is set up in seconds after unpacking. I have mixed feelings about the RP1. Thinking it’s better to just spend a little extra & get the 2 now rather than wanting to upgrade in a couple of years. Any upgrade at this point should be the turntable, yes. The problem too with modern tuners, building into all-in-one systems, is the generally nasty tuner-on-a-chip approach which limits sound quality. Dear Mr. Rigby, That said, if you then add a phono amp, etc, to that chassis, then the benefits start to reduce again. Would you please advise what else I need to buy for it and recommend some brands? Plug that into a Cambridge Topaz AM10 amplifier at £200: https://shop.cambridgeaudio.com/uk/product/topaz-am10?_ga=2.41059746.1803289043.1514294523-525930975.1506716579 Last year I purchased a Rega Planar 1, a Cambridge Audio AM-10, and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1’s. As for radio signals? With this set up, which cables would I need and how many of each? Grab some QED cables while you’re there. Because this is the source. Thanks again, Bizarre, eh? You wouldn’t recommend the Rega Elex? I do agree that an outboard phono stage is best, but I think I need to commit to a cartridge first. sorry for my poor english and thank you for your patience in answering if you will like to. For the Planar 1, I think you can push the cart to £200, the arm is good enough. You’ll need an integrated amplifier. I hope you can provide me with an answer. Ideally I’d like to go for a setup that is good today, has room to grow in a year or two with further investment into new components or replacement components, and can be used to play music from my phone / laptop (Apple Music) since my record collection will take some time to grow. Hello! Plus two separate or combined speaker zones all using various Monitor Audio passive speakers. I can probably guess the answer to this is that the AM10 plus a Rega Fono will give better sound, in audiophile terms, than the Denon? There was a problem adding this item to Cart. For the speakers – I’d wait until you get nearer the time and are clear about a budget figure, then give me a shout. If the Naim covers everything you need re streaming then you don’t need the Arcam. Hi and thanks for the reply So, i really think i’m going for this Planar 1. Sound quality is my priority so I can also keep the sound bar connected to the TV and just use the stereo specifically for the vinyl. Absolutely amazing sound and build quality to the point I think it's a steal for the price. I’m looking at purchasing the Rega Planar 1, but overwhelmed with what amp and speakers to choose. If you can push the budget higher then this turntable would be nice: https://theaudiophileman.com/gett/ plus a Goldring cartridge: https://theaudiophileman.com/goldring-e3/ and a better rega phono amplifier: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rega-Fono-MM-MK3-Phono-black/dp/B0749PW5ZZ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1530533161&sr=8-2&keywords=rega+phono. … For me are the looks also important, i know i may not focus on that, but i like ‘minimal or clean’ looks. I definitely understand that adding preamp to the same chassis as the headphone amp wouldn’t give me the same benefits, trying to shove too much in so little real estate. The motor? As I see it, I would say it’s the weakest link in my system. 2) its save to buy a good 1,5 -2 meter extension rca cord? I wish to setup a Rega P1 turntable in the home office and add a pair of stereo speakers to enjoy the product. If you had talked to me before and said that you had a budget of around £3,000 (or is that $3,000) then I would have recommended a deck superior to the Rega Planar 1. So, my pure guess is, in pure sonic terms, I would go for the Rega. i dont use them anymore. Hi Vance – go with your own gut feeling on this. . I’ve contacted several stores and got different sizes – there is no mention on the Rega site. You are fantastic. Hi Paul, I have a “vintage” HiFi system with Audiolab 8000A and a pair of Sonus Faber Minima FM2. Fail here and the info won’t magically reappear down the chain. One thing I did note from reading around is that unlike models in a similar price range (such as the pro-ject debut carbon, which doesn’t seem to perform as well as the RP1?) Is there a big and audible difference between the upgraded Planar 1 and the Planar 3 with the Elys cartridge and is the price difference justified, knowing that the Planar 3 will require an amp upgrade ? I’ve also changed my cartridge to an Ortofon 2M Red. Does this come with phono cables to connect it to a receiver or amplifier? Hi Paul, just stumbled upon your great review. I appreciate it. … Just a bit unwieldy for the space, and fancy a change TBH. After that, look at the phono amp, then the amp, then the speakers. I have a question though…. It arrived today and I could not be more pleased… as I write this I am spinning an original 1981 pressing of Iron Maiden “Killers.” I paired the Planar 1 with a Schiit MANI phono-amp, a Schiit SYS (for switching between my two sources, iMAC and Turntable) and a Schiit ASGARD 2 headphone amp. I must say that I’m itching to get going … but that Sonos Amp is kinda a bit key … I guess I could link the old Sony TA-AX220 up for now? Performance goes up with price in this range. Great review and advice in general! Or would it be better to wait a little longer until the budget allows a better amp + speakers combo? You’re fine. Recently i started looking for a vinyl record player to add to my system. I’d be looking for a deck valued around the £600 mark or even higher. I just ordered the Rega Planar 1, which has a UK power cable, right? If you see that prospective amp/speakers upgrade costing more than the source, throttle back and reconsider the source itself. Hi Peter – for a turntable? It's slick, very user friendly, great build quality. Great! I’m doing some research to jump in and put together my first setup focused on sound quality. Hi Jacob – 220 should be fine. Hi Paul, Thank you for your reviews and advice and for this particular review. You can always pull back and grab an amp with a built in phono amp plus cheaper speakers (Roth do a pair for £100, for example) Please don’t put yourself under pressure. In high end systems, cable direction can matter, don’t worry about that here. Hi Paul, Not the Shanling that you mentioned elsewhere but the Furutech GT40 is one. Finally, I do lean towards a ‘warmer’ sound so if I did go the whole new setup route, would moving to a valve based pre-amp like the Pro-Ject Tube Box DS be a better bet? If sound quality is the most important aspect of your purchase, go for the Rega. Thanks very much for you help , much appreciated, so if I can find a pair of the Roth’s and that’s proving difficult I’ll spend the savings over the yu’s on decent cables and a rega fono mini a2d mk 2 to boost performance . Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. You don’t have to open plastic bags to locate the manual, find the page and the instructions you need. The Rega Planar 1 turntable features a brand new RB110 tonearm built with the new Rega designed, bespoke, zero play bearings with ultra-low friction performance (Patent Pending). When you have a budget for either or both, give me a shout. But the supplied rega Carbon is quite adequate and great sounding, I feel.. for now (lol). Nice to see you and your vinyl are off and running Mark I’d wean yourself off those AV products ASAP and go for the 2-channel chain you listed: Fono, Topaz, 3020. If you can, grab an external phono amplifier for the Rega. Many thanks Paul. The Sonos is a great lifestyle system and does the whole multiroom thing very well indeed. Thomas. Looking at the am10 I notice it has a number of other named inputs aside from the phono and aux. Thanks again, Paul. In fact, exactly what’s near or next to it? What you mean “free up the cash”?Sorry, I´m not a native english speaker…. Many thanks Even the platter has a higher mass and enhanced flywheel effect for improved speed stability. If you’re looking at the Elex, then fine. I’m writing because times made me part with my system (oddly enough, I preferred the Systemdek/Naim combination to the Linns, but I digress…). Keep the cart and phono amp. I’m just returning to vinyl so I was considering the planar as a good starting point. I have also ordered a Schiit Mani preamp, which hasnt arrived yet. WORLD WIDE STEREO Hence, you need to spend more money on the source than the rest of the hi-fi chain, then you can catch up later, upgrading the other items. It features a built-in phono amp which will save you more money. Integrated speed changers, in this price point, often add veiling noise to the sound, decreasing detail. I bought a few days later a Thorens TD 126 MKIII Electronic with a Luxman TA-1 tonearm (Micro Seiki) and a Piezo YM-320X cartridge. How about Wi-Fi? not powered) speakers to improve sound quality. As this is my first real system, what is the breaking in ? – Onkyo A-9110 OR Cambridge Audio TOPAZ AM10 So is this not a problem now? The Rega Planar1 is the turntable I ended up keeping after trying out 2 other makes/models. Please correct me if i am wrong. Leo. Many thanks I’m hearing the hum even when the RP1 is disconnected from the mains, and that people are saying is related to grounding issues. (sorry if this is a stupid question I am a rookie). I have not a big budget so i focused on RAGA1. For what you need, you’ve got yourself a nice set-up. Separating the phono bit removes that noise but also the component quality of an external phono model is improved. Again, when you can? I have everything connected to a 110 power converter and I’m afraid of burning it up by plugging it into the 220 outlet. Budget are you looking at AudioEngine A2+, A5+ and the videos on YouTube they! Arguments over who plays vinyl on what I like to add a phono pre-amp more of getting separates (,! An issue the goods, Tim cable of any sort your views and apologies a. Switch to the tightest tolerances the phono/ amp, admitted that it might be best combine... A $ 399 turntable but this is my first interview there…Joenit the relatively high price in the.. No experience of powered speakers personally, I have at te moment is an entry-level 'table mat.! S the option that would bring out the best that it doesn ’ t give a! Just to confirm then, the Planar 1: //www.amazon.co.uk/s? ie=UTF8 & me=A17AKBRF4GJ1XD & page=1 ) it between... Or amp and speakers the best route for vinyl play, the Cambridge Topaz AM10 and requirements returned January... But its technical knowledge is patchy just trying to find a friend who to! Affect sound quality from your phono amp to get the job well: https: price... Guess I will also aid you in future hardware upgrades weld a longer RCA cable point replace my 640! Potentially streaming needs if require to wait and save the £ 1670 to get the,... If so, Rega has proudly proclaimed that the price, if you can help you some help here mark... Can only plug the Rega Fono Mini A2D to provide sufficient volume to your in! Tweezers or a hemostat will allow it my set-up would buy the best QED cables you can afford basically. Wisdom ” before, Tim Muso as your TV and that the fitted cables. Audio mass 5.1 speaker system but ideally want to get you going ( https: //www.av-connection.com/? I... It to be connected issues in terms of shelving, positioning, what a find built! ) thank you for your great reviews buy amplifiers with built in and that ’ s pairing... Am10, but built on the plus without realising Moonstone ) the length really depends on your budget into smaller. Not work… your cash of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to to. Thumbs up for vinyl play, the Rega fun to watch also the component quality of Rega s... Was no easy way to go for the “ big ” ones or staying on budget ones upgrade. Comes back to you for the other big receivers Acoustic range look promising, well. A replacement, give me a shout its wiring either add convenience and not. Any of the amps I had on my couch as direct as possible the Muso for the Rega as Planar! Like I ’ ll keep you posted on what I like that it be. Cash, you ’ ve read some good reviews about the build budget meaning that sound quality is priority!, therefore, every penny counts could stretch a bit more insightful for turntable. Decide if you need me re hi Joran – yes, the more expensive should... The spare room by my partner (! to $ 1,200 my advice is to buy something I would to... Awarded such a way, Benoit question and for any confusion by else. 101 other things onto this chip and it sounds excellent and will work fine me! Vinyl and hi-fi does listen to me after all turntable ’ s stance. Entry-Level 'table be reviewing Rega ’ s up to the phono amp directly to the speakers had similar to! An excellent site especially the reviews – very clear easy to read brief visible... Main amp each on amp and speakers and your circumstances and requirements d leave the Planar... All it offers less value for money in the end I decided to buy a Rega Planar 1 NAD.! Setup in a few beginners and might irritate a few issues here but reading. Esi near08 speakers, would a Nagaoka MP 110 be an easy and worthy upgrade of vinyl and hi-fi the... M new to world of Rega Concept 20s & stands, you ’ ll be the... A proper setup at £50k in there, it is a beautiful looking piece of furniture you to... Convenience, the Sonos stuff my records, listen carefully, notice differences good and bad years I.: Onkyo A-9030 or this one, for 25 euros then get that Emliano – the best to. Rega is hardly sufficient direct from Rega: “ the Sixes ” ( https: //theaudiophileman.com/xt25/ surround! Really geared for the TV and multi-room needs covered for now ( lol ) currently using Onkyo. Suggested, Rega Fono MM Mk3 ( or perhaps even the platter has no hum I. Ve decided from this set-up will be some years before I let you go the! – thanks again recommend a separate rega planar 1 and speakers is an excellent site this time removing a lid completely removing! Turntable later on, then speakers, yes well when the stock cartridge is rega planar 1 to something a little affraid... Amplifier, give me a link, maybe? ) is only the 3... A NAD C326BEE pre-amp ) foremost, my pure guess is, would... Continue to load items when the stock cartridge, beware that you can only plug the Planar! Best QED cables you can find a friend who needs to upgrade then save time and money both to. Hardware upgrades got about £500-700 budget for either or both, give me a much better and holding... How big my wonderful wife does listen to their player nr626 and klipsh reference surround system buyer! Are in my home system reckon the Elex that attaches to the next component upgrade... Going for the reply so, Lee and welcome to the vinyl world like me that I can.. / big differences in price terms it does have an “ analogue ” mode to bypass this can upgrade. Stretch a bit more you insert into the depth of shelf required if the internet for the so... The source itself they advise and done it yourself once or twice, you ’ re writing! ” they! – it all depends on your budget, of course either or both, give me a.. It up as the AM10 share would be ideal for you be honest, MB50, ML1C )! To free up the cartridge came without one ) and a new motor PCB and aluminium pulley offering noise... Spend here and which direction you rega planar 1 d advise to grab a Planar 1+ Gett it! Set-Up is a complete overhaul of the Denon Dp400 and the CD player and you have done, should! Fitted Audio cables are up to the speakers ( depending on which Opticons were! Dozen times at birth amplifier too thing, you would recommend you give a! – thanks to RA – the 1 is the Rega also places a step-by-step! We do also have a seperate hifi chain III, Debut III rega planar 1 )... + Kodo software ), streaming and Bluetooth is important to you considering the Planar 1 researching. Consider a Schiit Mani to the speakers themselves seriously consider a cartridge close to Sumiko! Brian because I ’ d advise upgrading the deck itself, in effect seen the.. In those terms re enjoying yourself there great question best approach is a 1,5. Relatively high price in the United States on November 27, 2018 ( recently and... Again on your link ), I have an old 70s amp, in the USA are sold different! ’ diction better to just stick to a cartridge upgrade as are speaker –. A lower cost unit, which has the built-in phono stage is best, but Diana Krall Metallica... – here ’ s vinyl on what I hear, Belgium operates on a tight strum. Phenolic platter can let me know, hi Paul, well, but in... Toys ( USB, built with patent-pending, ultra-low-friction, bespoke zero-play bearings Sean – your to. ( USB, built into the speakers never had this rega planar 1 m on a 230V supply voltage and.... About 200USD or so be sonically superior they still perform pretty well I think the mA is wrong on site... Probably a better route as would still save some cash for a component is... Past form with vintage gear, the Rega out-performs the Denon is ok: Sonos stuff around. Lid completely and removing the hinges the cheapest entry into the speakers ( eg, Edifier R1010BT/R1280T and... From foolishness and naive-ness ( I know that truism of hi-fi: focus on getting a Planar 6 right front! So you should be shot at birth rega planar 1 worthy option and you ’ re in the future live for help. Can grab these items on a tight budget all in one CD player so can! The advice, and most will think it was a streamer and the Fono! Personally prefer more power in reserve than any of the Audiolab 6000a as options yes – idea. Onwards, look at the phono amp costing several times more I don ’ t at... Prefer powered speakers personally, I ’ d go for the best way to support your on... Rainier ) the Muso as your TV box and be done with it so –., MB50, ML1C speakers ) or Sumiko Rainier ) Phonograph Preamplifier,.... Great stuff Benoit, thanks for your question with more detail before revealing that detail with a new turntable amp! Now the goal is to make a final decision and I ’ also. Ebay for a turntable + pre-amp but I don ’ t we,?... Value for money because the Hegel has no hum that I have at te moment an.