utmx_section("Personal Footer"). Stout, point clear of the front of the comb, slightly curved. Primaries—dark gray, faintly barred, small amounts of white permissible. Thighs are medium length. Michael Pease worked with him and when Professor Punnett retired Professor Pease took his place. Now a days most of the breeders are removing chestnuts from cock/rooster legbar so they will show pure cream legbar! This characteristic is also important in the other varieties. These chickens are the good layers with the ability to lay blue eggs. The Gold Legbar male has pale straw neck hackles which are sparsely barred with gold and black. Cockerel……………………..6 lbs. Most of the chicks will be barred (regardless of gender) and silver, with varying degrees of gold/red leakage. Later Professor Pease performed his own breeding experiments using Gold Legbars and an inbred UK type White Leghorn from Reaseheath College in Cheshire, England, which also resulted in a number of cream colored birds. Pullet………………………..4 1/2 lbs. Feathers moderately long and close to the body. The back is long and flat while the moderately full tail is carried at 45°to the back. Shanks round, strong, and free from feathers. Legbar chicken is a utility breed mostly suitable for egg production. Back: Moderately broad at the shoulders, long, with an even slope to the tail. This shares similarity with the cream legbar and is considered as the true autosexing breed that means by checking the color of feathers you can tell their sex.