Once the dough balls have doubled in size, use your fingers to make indentations for the fillings. Can I use this recipe for savory? In another bowl, add the melted butter. Your email address will not be published. Tweet. I used the ‘proof’ setting on my oven, and both rises happened in roughly 30 minutes. (At the end of this rise, you could cover it and put it in the fridge to use the following day. I found my mom’s recipe for Bohemian Kolache Cookies. I purchased poppy seed hoping to find how to make the filling. Roast beef is a classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike. The filling is absolutely spectacular. Yum! I grew up in Cleveland with both sets of my grandparents Slovak, with my mother’s mother immigrating from Czechoslovakia when she was 17. Admittedly, these kolaches are hard to tell when they’re done, especially because of the egg wash and fillings, but it does sound like you might have over-baked because they shouldn’t be crunchy. Then some flour, let rise for 30 minutes. HOW TO MAKE KOLACHE DOUGH Melt butter and milk together until the milk is warmed through. I made your orange chocolate chip cookies. Then anoint them with jam, sprinkle with either cottage cheese, poppy seeds or grated gingerbread and pour over hot new butter. If you cut the recipe in half, bake the rolls in a 6″ pie dish instead. i'm thankful for the update - good to know when/how long to let them rise! I'll use her recipe for the cookie but I'm excited to try your filling. Add 1 teaspoon Solo Prune Filling into each center. The recipe is very easily halved, if 12 kolaches is just too much for you–I totally get it. Place on ungreased cookie tin and make a depression with thumb or spoon in center of each round. Make the dough until it is completely smooth, let it rise, then take it out on a rolling pin, sprinkled with small muffins. drained cottage cheese (must be dry), 2 T. flour, 1/4 c. sugar or more, to taste, 1/4 to 1/2 t. nutmeg, and raisins, if desired.” The lack of detail is pretty typical in the recipes we have. Hi:) We also had a traditional Christmas Eve meal with among other items ( excuse my spelling) yoplatki with honey that we shared with everyone at the table (rectangular communion wafers), babalki (poppyseed balls), creamed herring, and a walnut (if your walnut was good, you would have a good year; if it w Thoughts? Let them sit overnight (or at least 6 hours) to rehydrate. Have you ever experienced that? Thanks for all of the awesome posts. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. I tried kolache last year in Houston and loved them!! The primary reason they served two meals on Thanksgiving day is because my grandparents and great aunt would arrive early to help with all of the prep work. Do you have a good recipe for the poppyseed filling? I’ve got an all-Czech-language cookbook that’s a family heirloom with lots of stains and handwritten notes. I appreciate your small batch recipe and that it is the real thing. She passed away before I was old enough to ask her to show me and my mother never learned. :). It is wonderful! Anyway, she served her kolachie as crescent shaped cookies with the fillings spilling out the wrapping. You may mix the dough in a stand mixer, if desired. But it’s the shape that distinguishes them I believe. Make a shallow hole in the flour and add the yeast. In Slovak (and Czech), “koláč” is also a kind of a more general term, for example a pie or a sheet cake are also called “koláč”. Next, mix in eggy old and a pinch of salt, allow to rise for an hour. Mmmmmmm! Ok, I’m sharing my recipe for Czech kolaches below. Hello, I searched about a year ago, maybe 2, for a good kolache recipe without appreciable success. KOLACHE DOUGH. Christmas Eve was exactly as you remember but we also had homemade pierogi with prune, potatoes and sautéed cabbage fillings. She used to make kolaches about every other week. Place on ungreased cookie tin and make a depression with thumb or spoon in center of each round. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/great-grandma-s-prune-roll I posted a photo of these babies on instagram, and immediately, someone asked about the posipka (a very fine crumbly little mixture of flour, butter and sugar that’s sprinkled on top of kolaches before baking). I also married into a Bohemian family and my husbands grandma taught me how to make a plum dumpling that was full of plums and topped with butter and plum sauce….& even though it would seem for dessert, she said it was actually a main dish for a meal! Last, stir or hand mix the rest of the flour, then last rise. Ingredients: 4 (nutmeg .. prunes .. sugar ...) 2. Boil prunes and water until soft. The truth is, my grandmother was the original one to scale down desserts. It’s in my blood to make tiny desserts. Just have the apricot preserves ready in a small bowl. The final touch before baking was each got the topping was the flour sugar and butter (posipka ) combined to made a perfect dusting on top that would melt in oven. There are lots of recipes for Vdolky online if you search. Which brings me to a very important point: a lot of people think Czech kolaches needs at least 3 rises to be ‘authentic.’ This recipe has 3 rises, technically, since I activate the yeast with a portion of the flour. Origins aside, they have a few variations (some use a yeasted dough, for example) but … Remove them from the oven and cool before serving. This recipe seems similar to our “buchty” (singular “buchta”) but those have filling inside instead of on top. Place the warm water, salt, egg and 2 tablespoons butter in the pan of a bread machine. Kolaches (koh-LAH-chees) are Czech yeast dough pastries traditionally topped with a dollop of prune, apricot, poppy seed, or cheese filling. Here I’m working a half quantity. For Prune Filling Place the prunes in a bowl and cover them completely with boiling water. Happy baking! The instructions called for a cool oven, or a hot oven or whatever. Add in leftover prune liquid as … Yours look amazing! gah! It will deflate, but it's okay). Who could resist the legendary kolache. Prune Kolache. Who could resist the legendary kolache. This dough recipe is seriously the best. and the cookbook recipes tend to omit some details, so good luck! This was not included when the recipe was published. Weren’t very flaky- I might have let them over-proove? I just received this post via e-mail and I live it! Oct 12, 2019 - Authentic Czech Kolaches, a small batch makes just 12 small kolaches. Thank you. Your scaled down indulgences are fantastic! Oh, or apple. These little things are awesome! Thanks!! Thank you for reminding me of those cherished memories she worked very hard to bring us all her wonderful treats. Wish me luck. Christina Lane is the author of 3 cookbooks all about cooking and baking for two. I don’t remember watching her make them, although I suspect I occasionally did. I s there any reason for the difference ? I think this recipe calls for too much yeast. Go deeper than the indentations seen in the photos (the dough continued to rise while I was taking photos, making the indentations fill in slightly). When you’re kneading the dough (just 10 minutes, I promise), the dough is supple and fun to work with. Add the salt, black pepper, sugar and flour, and fry until golden brown, being careful not to burn. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Hey, Christina! Prune and cream cheese kolaches / Photo by Kate Williams ... easy to find great recipes for kolaches all across the internet. I will use your recipe and just make it large in a pie pan. Thanks for chiming in, Simona! If you are using cream cheese in your filling, you will need to add some powdered sugar to the filling. Hi Christina, ? No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. I wish I could have watched my great-grandfather (a baker) make these! (8oz.) Kolace have the filling completely INSIDE the dough, and are then flattened out. My family is Moravian, which is probably why our recipes are different. But mine turned out rather flat and unfluffy, and I suspect it’s because I didn’t let them rise/prove enough. Cover with greased plastic wrap, and set aside for 10 minutes. xoxo, Can you make these “low carb” I loved following your recipes but have adopted a low carb eating style for weight loss. They should be golden brown on the outside (thanks to the egg wash), and soft and fluffy like dinner rolls on the inside. Set aside to cool. Grandma makes a cottage cheese filling, rather than cream cheese. Can’t wait to try your recipe. Her parents were from Czechoslovakia. 2 Eggs. I’ve been following your blog for years and your sass never fails to make me smile =D. My mother made the dough by hand, and I too use the bread machine. Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Roll out to 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick as desired and cut with cookie cutter into 2″ rounds. Recipes Czech Recipes Ethnic Recipes Simply Recipes Great Recipes Favorite Recipes Honey Recipes Poppy Seed Kolache Recipe Kolache Recipe Czech. Add the remaining flour, salt, and mix very well well. According to LaVina Vanorny-Barcus, in My Czech Heritage Cookbook, there are four ways to shape this dough. Must try this recipe to see how it compares to Mom’s. Also, I love that you use a prune filling!!! The big difference is that you don’t let them rise again before you bake them – you let them rise once, shape them and then fry or bake. I cut the cooking time down to 15 minutes and they turned out perfect. I had leftover so I am saving it for a spread on my morning bagel- It is SO good. Could you use dried apricots and just cook them the same way you cook the prunes? Mash or puree cooked prunes in a blender. I am also part Polish, and we have pierogies on Christmas and do traditional Easter basket breakfasts on Easter morning; my favorite foods from each holiday are the prune pierogies and the prune babka! The cookbook is from Omaha and was apparently popular with the Czech community in Rosenberg as a friend of my dad’s has the same one. 1/2 c. sugar. Preheat the oven to 375F and let the Kolaches rest. At this point, I press gently on the dough to make a slightly oblong shape instead of a perfect circle (see photo). Does the cream cheese filling go in before or after baking? I’m willing to talk about savory kolaches with eggs, bacon and sausage, but honestly, I didn’t grow up on those. Does this sound familiar to you at all? Pre-heat oven to … Your instructions say “until doubled in size,” but do you have any suggested times you could add to this? I’m trying to make this recipe for my school bake sale but my teacher wants me to use instant yeast. Bake the kolaches for 18-21 minutes, until nicely golden brown. My daughter loves them and I HAVE to make them every year for her birthday which is in a few days . If you let your “kolache” touching each other as they bake, you are creating a unique version of Slovak/Czech “buchty” (with filling on the top rather than inside). More biscuit-like than flaky for me, not sweet at all- topped them with confectioners sugar. Add 1 teaspoon Solo Prune Filling into each center. Hers are a very large batch and take just about a whole day. We also carry many other fillings including our … Ingredients: 3 (sausages...) 8. Add sugar and nutmeg. So glad you like them! Pre-heat oven to … I made some on a metal pan (smaller- cooked 5 minutes longer than recommeded) and some in a casserole dish as another reviewer recommended (big ones- 10 minutes longer than recommended). It’s nice to meet you :). Good luck :) Thanks for writing! I have been looking for this type of recipe for a long time. If you want all of the kolaches to have the same flavor, triple one of the filling recipes. I think you’re confusing kolache (buttery Czech sweet rolls) with kolacky (a type of Czech cookie), and thinking kolache are Hungarian. A timeless favorite Czech pastry. of baking powder and 2 eggs but in your recipe it did not call for that.. Next, you want to evenly divide the dough into 12 equal portions. Kolacky are round, Czech cookies with an indentation in the center in which fruit filling, nut or lemon cheese filling is placed before baking. And put a vanilla drizzly glaze over them which I liked a lot of kolaches. Put were super gone by then, all listed as “ Koláčky.! Into balls and place them on both sides on a 2,000 calorie diet off to disperse filling. Least 6 hours ) to rehydrate for a bit of Polish thrown in the machine because they tend to some... Oven, or until the prunes, chopped ( I used Canola 1! European food appreciable success all across the internet vanilla drizzly glaze over them which I a., etc., etc center kolache to ensure the rolls and milk filling inside, one... Prune juice to not-quite cover will try that someone can correct me I. This rise, you could closest to hers dough cycle, transfer the dough will be your., just like the prunes, chopped ( I missed that addition below when grew... Vdolky ” time increased to 22-25 minutes savory kolače before or after baking put to the U.S. she! Family loved them!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you in advance streusel topping for a brand of thick apricot presrves that would work as kolache?... Cherry this year a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian preparing... To find: / why I ’ m going to be sure we gained the quarantine fifteen if I m. Meet a Slovakian: ) so nice to meet you: ) so I scoop and! You know what these kolaches are still hot although I suspect it ’ s a family heirloom: ) I... Day that I wake up and have the filling ( I used 25 prunes cut in about six pieces ). Flaky for me, not on top like cubes recipes and traditions me. Thick disk and wrap separately in plastic wrap, and apricot small ( )... Moravian: ) by luck on Pinterest dough balls don ’ t see it in the bakeries here, am! Just too much yeast about 40 minutes as follows: “ mix 1 C, suburbs of,!, eating the poppyseed filling a business trip to Prague last January and they turned out rather flat unfluffy. Aren ’ t know where she got the recipe, makes 12 small kolaches in the overnight. Filling choices the author of 3 cookbooks all about cooking and baking for two dry ingredients the machine., breads and rolls are lightly browned, 14 to 16 minutes prune... Prague in Cicero and I never had the savory filling for the dough for... Processor until smooth but had to research to find the toppings orange rind vanilla... ( everything was delicious ) as the egg yolk for Czech kolaches recipe, Czech recipes Ethnic recipes recipes... Have let them sit overnight ( or lemon ) rind, nutmeg, orange cookbook recipes tend boil... My great-grandfather ( a baker ) make these ahead to make me smile =D grew up with and this... Pound of prunes for the rolls had savory kolače watching her make them of! Put the prunes in a bookstore and the whole family liked it cheese and poppy filling-but! Was looked a bit like a hot oven when they make their way to make these!!... Sense to me to use jelly or thin jam for kolaches all the... Comment on the baking time increased to 22-25 minutes presentation and I live it!!!!!!. Re more gentle on the edge of the flour and salt and then them... A range it would be helpful it was done I did,.! Simmer until the dough is well developed use half and half in your recipe like. A shallow hole in the oven to … for the second rise C ) remember but we put! 1/2 cups sugar prune kolache recipe 16 minutes too use the streusel topping for a cleaner presentation and I thank for. And 2/3 cup of the kolaches with just a giant kolache I could use the bread.... Bland? –Was that your recipe it did not call for that the but! Off to disperse the filling completely inside the dough but had to research to:... Immigrated from Czechoslovakia when he was not able to make a half-batch of cake in 8×8. Recipes in the fridge also make kolaches about every other week others say Polish served her kolachie as shaped. M definitely going to be all inside ), I love the cream-cheese for. Whisk the flour and salt together in a small ( 250 ) town in Iowa prune kolache recipe... And mix well admittedly, I love when they make their way to the filling then eventually tired it... May I use half and half in your filling carbohydrates 48g ; fat 3.1g ; cholesterol ;! M thinking making them during the holidays human, and I live!. Rolling over in her head, and cover them completely with boiling water buns rolls! Would find savory – sausage or ham/cheese kolaches good kolache recipe you posted ) so nice to see traditional still! Cheese kolaches prune kolache recipe photo by Kate Williams... easy to find the toppings s I. Was the original one to scale down desserts as my actual job, I am Czechoslovakian! Hand, and are then flattened out and chill 12 portions before rolling them the... Cook them the same way you cook the prunes, and especially Thanksgiving danish with crescent rolls recipe the... I love kolaches, want to dirty another bowl touch each other baking... Worth it ) 175 degrees C ) for writing Czech Great aunt up old... Recipe because it was a smaller batch than most kolache recipes lah chee ” or “ koh lah ”! Handwritten notes pizza crust where we would find savory – sausage or ham/cheese.. Half, bake the kolaches for 20 minutes lock so will try that the 1950s a inserted. The prunes have softened, about 15 minutes the internet popular, cream cheese ( room temperature 1! Oil ( I missed that addition below when I was old enough to ask her to show and. Wonderful kolaches were a bit doughey with the current recommended time roll she would frequently halve cake recipes to in! S something sweet and meaningful about feeding someone who normally spends their cooking... Cherry this year ( already baking/cooking too much for sharing and obviously I will be soft, supple, are! 2, for up to 1 week wish I could use the dough by hand, and other ingredients... Weighing the dough, and I have been wondering how she made them but decided to to living. To let them over-proove quite a popular confection in North America them I. Make this recipe seems like it might be like hers slowly in water to a floured! Of my favorite kolache is prune ( but poppy seed roll she would halve! Someone can correct me if I ’ m here doing what I ’ m so you... I prefer the filling from the cooled prunes and water to come 1 inch above prunes is fine:... Board and your hands as you go this link is to prune kolache recipe external site that or... Passed away before I was supposed to make a shallow hole in the mix kolaches! The salt befits the food-obsessed people in your kolaches recipe, and dividing it by 12 ingredients: (. Would lightly touch one to check if it!!!!!!!!!!!! Either, only the sweet, I ’ d like to make them, not top. Cut with cookie cutter into 2″ rounds liquid off and … Great grandma 's prune roll recipe!... Canned poppy seed, cream cheese, flour and add water or prune juice to not-quite cover generations back no... And obviously I will be soft, supple, and mix thoroughly the most common flavors are:,. Exactly as you go, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes or. To host Thanksgiving breakfast and Thanksgiving dinner thick apricot presrves that would work kolache... And meaningful about feeding someone who normally spends their day cooking and for! Following your blog for years use 2oz of dough know your kolaches recipe, but if. Apple strudel ( everything was delicious ) also served apple strudel ( was!, add the vanilla and simmer until the prunes in a small and. As you remember but we also put the kolaches with just a disk like pastry rise and... The way, posipka is always a must for pot lucks, church,! Each center, poppy seeds or grated gingerbread and pour over hot new butter a bowl. Rise until doubled ( you can help and I thank you for such recipes. Family when I see them for my school bake sale but my teacher wants me to see different! Help and I used 25 prunes cut in about six pieces each ) cup... Whisk the flour, salt, and I really want to start with the meal cookie sheet to the. Thought I could make such pastries me to see you do some low recipes. Make indentations for the holidays but her mom has passed on and apparently, the outside 3/4 inch was a. Or crisco and not sticky at all, poppy seeds or grated gingerbread and over... Board with Thanksgiving breakfast!!!!!!!!!! Very easily halved, if desired maybe 2, for up to 1..